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What the 49ers and Cowboys Had to Say Following the Divisional Round Win

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 19-12 in the Divisional Round matchup at Levi's® Stadium. Here's what the teams had to say following the contest:

Niners Liners

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on playing against the Dallas Cowboys:

"I feel great. We had a feeling it was going to be like that and prepared that way. We had a lot of respect for that team, all three of their phases. We knew how good their defense was too, and we felt we really had to run the ball too just to negate their pass rush just because of how special of a pass rush they have... The defense getting those turnovers, the offense being able to make some third downs... Winning the turnover battle was everything after that."

Shanahan on the importance of forcing turnovers on defense:

"That was huge. For us to get the turnovers in the first half and to come out like that... So quickly for our defense to hold them to three to tie the game up – you're able to weather that storm right there, that was a big play."

Shanahan on George Kittle's deep catch over the middle:

"Explosives can jumpstart you better than anything. He definitely wasn't the primary (target) on that, and they defended the play very well. Brock came back to the inside, and Kittle just saw an opening and went down there and Brock let it rip. He did a hell of a job seeing him in that spot, and Kittle made a hell of a catch."

Shanahan on playing the NFC Championship in Philadelphia:

"We're going against a good team in a tough environment, and sometimes it's fun to go on the road."

Quarterback Brock Purdy on winning his second-ever playoff game:

"I'm still focused on the game and what we could have done to be better, but it's pretty cool to see the clock at zero and see the 49ers over the Cowboys. It's pretty sweet in the playoffs. Credit to the coaching staff and getting us right all week. Defense, offense, special teams, everyone just playing, it's takes everybody. Not just one person or a couple guys, it literally takes everybody. I'm just so proud of the team, playoff football is not easy. To go and to pull off a win like that against a great team like Dallas, and now go into the NFC Championship, it means a lot to us. And for myself to take a step back. It's pretty cool, I'm very thankful."

Purdy on George Kittle's impressive catch:

"It seemed like it was 10 seconds of bobble and I was like, 'come on.' When we saw that he came down with it, we were pumped."

Linebacker Fred Warner on defending the Cowboys in the red zone:

"It's playoff football. Things happen and we've got to find a way through it all and make them attempt a field goal and I think we stood up big time in that moment."

Warner on the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry:

"We heard about the rivalry and how huge that was all week and how rich the rivalry is. This game was just its own game. All that stuff is great, but I knew it was two great football teams playing against each other and a big time game at home that we had to win and we found a way."

Running back Christian McCaffrey on the offense's persistence:

"They definitely caused some problems for us early. I was happy with the way our guys responded and just kept going one play at a time. We had a couple of long, really good drives there in the second half that changed the momentum of the game. That was definitely a good defense we played."

McCaffrey on Kittle's bobbled catch:

"That was unbelievable. That was one of the best catches I've ever seen. That's a special player doing special things. Plays like that definitely boost momentum."

McCaffrey on getting ready for the NFC Championship Game:

"The prep starts now. Getting your body back and ready to go, that's the most important thing – Sunday. It feels good to win this one, obviously we've got more life, but the prep for next week starts now."

Tight end George Kittle on Purdy's performance against the Cowboys defense:

"I thought Brock did really well, especially when our offense wasn't doing very well early in the game. The defense was playing at a high level and Brock wasn't getting distraught, there was no jitteriness to him. It was just Brock Purdy, walking in the huddle and calling the play in."

Kittle on having fun during the game:

"I love football. Every opportunity that we get to play, especially at home, is fantastic. You don't know when your opportunity is going to end, so I try to take advantage of those opportunities. I try to be myself. I try to have fun. Football is a lot easier when you're having fun and I don't want anyone to feel so stressed out, jittery and anxious because we're in a huge football game, because at the end of the day, we're playing a kids game. I get that the stakes are incredibly high but goodness gracious, if you have fun, it's so much easier. I like to have a blast and when there's good music playing I'm dancing, I just like to vibe."

Kittle on his bobbled catch:

"Talanoa Hufanga had a catch like that when we played the Rams. I was just trying to have a cool catch like Huf."

Defensive lineman Nick Bosa on playing against the Cowboys:

"That felt like legit playoff football, it's a really good team... Playoff football is going to be like that and I think we're all going to be better after this one."

Bosa on his performance in the Divisional Round game:

"I played my heart out tonight, and I think I did a good job. I'm always happy after a playoff win, but I feel like I did a good part in getting the win today."

Cowboys Quotes

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy on the Divisional Round game:

"I'm extremely disappointed. This has been an incredible journey with this group of men and we just came up short tonight to a very good football team."

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons on playing against the 49ers offense:

"To get their players out in open space. We contained Deebo Samuel. We contained Christian McCaffrey for the most part. But, they made more plays. We limited them, we tackled, we ran, but they made more plays."

Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse on falling to the 49ers:

"For me, it's just not getting it done and falling short to the same team two years in a row. When we could have won the game, it's tough."

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