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San Francisco 49ers to Face Philadelphia Eagles in NFC Championship


On Saturday night, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants 38-7 and punched their ticket the the NFC Championship Game.

As the No. 1 seed in the NFC Playoff picture, the Eagles will host the title match.

On Sunday night, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 19-12, solidifying their place in the title game.

Faithful should stay tuned to and 49ers social media channels for the latest news on a 49ers Invasion in Philadelphia and local watch parties.

Current 2022 NFL Playoff Picture

AFC Championship:

Cincinnati Bengals (3) at Kansas City Chiefs (1) - Sunday, Jan. 29th at 3:30pm PT on CBS

NFC Championship:

San Francisco 49ers (2) at Philadelphia Eagles (1) - Sunday, Jan. 29th at 12pm PT on FOX

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