Deebo Samuel



Experience: R

Height: 5'11

Age: 23

Weight: 214 lbs

College: South Carolina




  • A retail management major at South Carolina, Samuel is passionate about fashion and his appearances in front of the camera. His fashion flair became something he was known for during his time in Columbia, usually with help from his stepmom, Precious Martin. Martin and Samuel would often video chat while he was away from home so she could help pick out his outfits. “I love it. It makes me feel like he needs me,” she said. “I can’t get enough of it. I don’t know if he does it more for me or more for him.” Samuel was even referred to as the best dressed player at SEC Media Day. When asked about Samuel’s style, a former coach remarked that his style doesn’t always coincide with his personality. “Coming through here he’d always be dressed to the max. It’s surprising knowing how humble he is and soft-spoken he is, but it’s almost like his clothing is his alter-ego,” said Steven Fusaro, who coached Deebo during his time at Chapman High. Following his football career, Samuel hopes to start his own clothing line.
  • Samuel, a South Carolina native, knew he wanted to stay close to home when he went to college. Growing up with eight siblings, family has been a staple in his life. Mom, Precious, noted that Deebo and his siblings were always hanging out at the house and encouraging each other to accomplish their goals. One of her goals was to finally get her college degree after struggling in college in her youth. Deebo, like with the other members of his family, was there to support her, often helping her with her homework. “Deebo used to help me a lot with my math courses, he’s real good in math,” said Martin. “They’ve seen me working hard as far as working and working hard at school, a lot of sacrifices I had to make and a lot of things I had to miss out with them. I think that plays a major part in my children wanting to further their education.” Her goal was accomplished when both she and Deebo graduated from college.
  • Took part in the 49ers Annual Community Day, helping pack more than 31,000 nutritious meals in collaboration with Feeding Children Anywhere.