San Francisco 49ers Front Office Roster


49ers Enterprises/Investments

Accounting & Finance

  • Esther Chi Vice President of Accounting & Controller
  • Jeff Fong Vice President of Finance
  • Darren Wong Director, Accounting
  • Hasan Khanzada Director, Finance
  • Chris Steele Senior Manager, Accounting
  • Joan Pires Senior Manager, Payroll
  • Alex Acton Manager, Finance
  • Valerie Alexander Payroll Manager
  • Caitlin Ritchie Senior Accountant
  • Erin Fernandez Senior Accountant
  • Jennifer Phan Senior Accountant
  • Jacob Cosenza Senior Analyst, Financial Systems
  • Nathan Brown Financial Analyst
  • Alyssa Kutz Accounts Payable Lead
  • Jeremiah Lagasca Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Leonel Perez Accounting Specialist
  • Rosemary Gonzalez Payroll Specialist
  • Amy Martinez  Payroll Asisstant


  • Angele Cory Director, Office of the CEO
  • Angela Banister Executive Administrative Assistant to the GM
  • Bridgette Harper Executive Administrative Assistant to the President of 49ers Enterprises
  • Nikky Arnold Executive Administrative Assistant to the President
  • Brittney Scott Executive Administrative Assistant to the CIO
  • Joseph Gonzalez Executive Administrative Assistant to the General Counsel & CAO
  • Lauren Cannon Executive Administrative Assistant to the CMO
  • Vinette Ly Executive Administrative Assistant to the CFO

Bay Area Host Committee

  • Patricia Ernstrom Vice President & Executive Director of BAHC

Broadcast Partnerships

  • Bob Sargent Director, Broadcast Partnerships

Business Strategy & Analytics

  • Alison Lu Director, Business Strategy & Analytics
  • Umesh Johari Director, Business Strategy & Analytics
  • Marco Fulvio Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics
  • Nick Zobel Senior Manager, Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Noele Crooks Senior Manager, CRM, Business Strategy & Analytics
  • Paul Lockhart-Korris Manager, Business Strategy & Analytics
  • Esther Hong CRM Analyst
  • Iliana Valor Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Bill Howell Director, Facilities
  • Raul Sandoval Maintenance Supervisor
  • Rafael Herrera Facilities Coordinator
  • Eduardo Sandoval Custodian
  • Erik Bernal Lozano Custodian
  • Gael Basilio Custodian
  • Miguel Sandoval Custodian
  • Santiago Jiminez Garcia Custodian
  • Santiago Higareda Banuelos Maintenance Worker
  • Sergio Basilio Maintenance Worker

Human Resources

  • Harpreet Basran Vice President, Human Resources
  • Christina Jefferson Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Cristina Hernandez Senior Manager, Human Resources
  • Mykela Deranleau Manager, Human Resources
  • Emily Bird Manager, Human Resources
  • Rona Balingit Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Gabby Pack Office Assistant


Community Relations

  • Stacy McCorkle Director, Community Relations
  • Michelle Beck Manager, Community Relations
  • Saya Lindsay Manager, Community Relations

49ers Foundation

  • Justin Prettyman Executive Director, 49ers Foundation
  • Austin Fleishour Assistant Director, Development
  • Kathryn Luna Development Manager
  • Lindsay Mapp Manager, Operations & Events
  • Peggy Bradley Manager, 49ers Foundation Accounting

49ers PREP & Fan Engagement

  • Jared Muela Director, 49ers PREP & Fan Engagement
  • Nezam Etemadi Manager, 49ers PREP Flag Football
  • Nick Clarke Manager, Fan Engagement
  • Tucker Baksa Manager, 49ers PREP & Fan Engagement
  • Ryan Dillard 49ers PREP Coordinator

49ers EDU & Museum

  • Jesse Lovejoy Director, 49ers EDU & 49ers Museum; Managing Partner of EDU Academy
  • Sofy Navarro Senior Manager, 49ers EDU
  • Beth Atlas Manager & Curator, 49ers Museum
  • Missy Morrill Museum Operations Coordinator
  • Todd Valentine Coordinator, 49ers EDU
  • RosAnne Nandan Senior Educator, 49ers EDU
  • Emilio Cortez Lead Educator, 49ers EDU
  • Sara Jin Lead Educator, 49ers EDU


  • Aron Kennedy Vice President, Game Day Production & Broadcast Operations
  • Meghan Ryan Vice President, Digital & Social Media
  • Robert Braunstein Executive Producer of 49ers Cal Hi Sports Report
  • Aaron Llavore Art Director
  • Allie Dicken Director, Brand Marketing
  • Laura Johnson Director, Game Day Production & Live Events
  • Roger Hacker Director, Corporate Communications
  • Johnny Volk Senior Manager, Social Media
  • Terrell Lloyd Senior Manager, Photography Services
  • AJ Murray Manager, Stadium and Motion Graphics
  • Billy Barnes Manager, Entertainment & Live Event Operations
  • Christine Zambetti Manager, Graphic Design
  • Constantine Abramson Manager, Mascot Program
  • Derrick Sanchez Manager, Digital Marketing
  • Justin Drum Live Events Manager & Associate Producer
  • Nate Steele Manager, Production & Media Assets
  • Keiana Martin Senior Reporter
  • Josh Conner Senior Producer
  • Nick Schebetta Producer
  • Sarina Soriano Producer
  • Steven Garcea Producer
  • Brandon Tam  Graphic Designer
  • Haley Jones Digital Editor
  • Meg Williams Team Photographer
  • Tyler Killingsworth Senior Coordinator, Brand Marketing
  • Patricia Quan Social Media Content Coordinator
  • Phillip Testa Marketing Operations Coordinator
  • Jacob Fill Assistant, Corporate Communications

Public Affairs & Strategic Communications


  • Jeff Rodriguez Vice President, Head of Security
  • Marc Gomez Director, Corporate Security
  • Mike Anderson Director, Team Security
  • Alonso Martin Manager, Team Security
  • Jeff Tallerico Manager, Team Security
  • Tim Howell Manager, Credentials
  • Gustavo Gutierrez Coordinator, Credentials


  • Jim Bartholomew Director, Information Technology
  • Andres Avelar Systems Administrator
  • Tony Gonzalez Network Engineer
  • Willie Rodriguez Senior IT Engineer
  • Chris Anonuevo IT Engineer
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick IT Engineer


  • Brad Dugan Director, Ticketing & Public Events
  • Prima Patel Senior Manager, SBL & Ticket Finance
  • Marcus Wong Manager, Ticketing
  • Chelsea Marroquin Coordinator, Ticketing
  • Max Hedges Coordinator, SBL & Ticket Finance