Jason Verrett



Experience: 6 years

Height: 5-10

Age: 28

Weight: 188 lbs

College: Texas Christian


  • SCK
  • FF
  • INT



Awards & Honors

  • 2015: AFC Pro Bowl


  • Throughout his NFL career, Verrett has been involved in multiple community outreach initiatives, looking to positively impact the public. One that he frequently partakes in is the Play 60 program, which encourages kids to spend at least 60 minutes a day outside. During the events, players engage with young fans through drills, scrimmages, and more. As a professional football player, Verrett knows the importance of staying active and passes that wisdom on when he can. “Follow your heart, keep your dreams alive,” he said. “That was something I did when I was younger. I just kept my dream alive, all about football. Making sure I took care of my body. All the right things to keep me going.”
  • Marvel’s blockbuster Black Panther is a favorite of many, including cornerback Jason Verrett. When the film debuted in February of 2017, Verrett took 350 local students from Rodriguez High School to a screening. Verrett, a 2009 graduate of the school, acted like a superhero himself, hoping to uplift the kids who might not have been able to afford to see the film otherwise. The movie, which is set in Oakland and a fictional country in Africa called Wakanda, is highlighted by an African superhero and sports a primarily African-American cast. “I just think it’s great. It’s Marvel, first of all, plus it’s so great for young kids to be able to have a superhero they admire and draw inspiration from,” Verrett said.
  • In December of 2018, Verrett spent his time with the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club, providing the kids with 50 winter coats, gift cards, and a bounty of toys. “Our Christmas party brings together the best in our community, especially the kids. They never know what gifts they will receive, or if they will even receive a gift,” said Anna Eaton, executive director of the club. “[they] all were especially warmed to know that a community member thought of them.”
  • Prior to the 2016 spring workouts, Verrett attempted to break a Guinness World Record. To break the record, Verrett needed to have some pretty decent speed. Evidently, he was too fast. On National High Five Day, the cornerback tried to break the world record for most high fives in one minute. In order to break the record, his attempt needed to be captured on video with a clear shot of each high five. Three hundred fans lined up to help him with the feat. Reaching every hand in 40 seconds, Verrett ran too quickly for the camera to follow him on a golf cart. Sadly, Verrett had to return to his workout and wasn’t able to officially beat the previous record.