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What the 49ers and Seahawks Had to Say Following the Wild Card Win

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 41-23 in the Super Wild Card Weekend matchup at Levi's® Stadium. Here's what the teams had to say following the contest:

Niners Liners

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on the game-changing moment:

"Once we got the turnover, that's when I feel like the momentum completely changed for the whole game... The ball went down on the ground and all I was asking was just, 'jump on it please.' We had a couple (forced fumbles) last time we played them, and they beat us to it. So once he did jump on it, I kind of was wishing he scooped and ran with it, but regardless, we did end up scoring so it was a huge play in the game. And once our defense did that, they got their mojo back and played great."

Shanahan on competing in a "win or go home" game:

"We believe in our team and it's not a seven game series, it's just three and a half hours and who knows what's gonna happen. Everyone in the playoffs is a good team. That's a good team, they won nine games for a reason. They're always tough to play regardless. And you've got to go out there and play really good football and that's what's so tough about the NFL... We have a really good team, and we don't want today to be our last day with this team. But, that's the reality of the playoffs, all you've got guaranteed is three and a half hours... If we don't handle our business this week, the season's over. We love this team for a number of reasons, and I'm glad we've got another week."

Shanahan on earning a team win:

"I know we're the number one defense in the league and we've earned that throughout the year, but, guys played well and it's a whole team game. That's why sometimes when they have big plays and our defense gives that up, we've got to answer on special teams or offense and vice versa."

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel Sr. on the team's mindset following the Wild Card win:

"We take this and day-by-day you don't get into all that outside noise, we just focus on what we have here. We just go out there and do our job."

Defensive lineman Nick Bosa on the 49ers getting fired up in the first half:

"I would not piss off the dudes on offense, especially Deebo, because he'll make you pay."

Bosa on the Seahawks offense:

"They came in with a really good game plan and playing a team three times is real, it's tough. There were some different looks that kind of threw us off in the run game and (Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III) was being a little more patient than we were used to. So, we had to adjust and really just attack in the run game to knock back so he couldn't find those lanes and get those extra yards."

Running back Christian McCaffrey on continuing to improve his game:

"You want to be proud of what you put out there, and there's always things like you might have made the wrong cut here or did something wrong here and that's football. That's what makes it so fun is that constant pursuit for perfection."

McCaffrey on winning a playoff game at Levi's® Stadium:

"This is so damn fun to win a playoff game at home with the fans going crazy. It's a special feeling."

McCaffrey on what quarterback Brock Purdy is like in the huddle:

"Being with him in the huddle, he's poised and he's calm but he's extremely confident, and he's exactly what you would want in a quarterback. No moment is too big for him, and he makes corrections quickly. We saw that today, he's able to go out there and play with some juice, hit the right guys and let everybody else do their jobs."

Defensive lineman Charles Omenihu on his sack that forced a fumble:

"Big time play in a big time game. We're all big time players, it's just a matter of who's going to step up and thank God I've been able to step up in those big time games and help my team win."

Quarterback Brock Purdy on his emotions ahead of this week's contest:

"There was some emotion going into the game, you just feel it, in the environment with the fans and our teammates. This is win or go home. We didn't feel that for pregame and whatnot, but once the game started, I've just got to do my job. I've got to get it to guys when they're in space and go from there. But we didn't make it more than what it was."

Linebacker Fred Warner on the importance of forcing turnovers:

"Obviously, those turnovers were huge. We know that when we take the ball away, that's that's how we win games. We can take it on offense, take it away on defense, and that's when you saw us run away with the score."

Warner on wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk's impressive blocking to allow wide receiver Deebo Samuel Sr. score:

"Aiyuk doesn't get the accolades and probably doesn't get talked about a lot, but when I watched him block down the field for Deebo when he caught that over route and score a touchdown – receivers don't do that – that's big time. That's a huge play by him in that moment that people probably aren't talking a whole lot about. Receivers who do that and are able to ice guys off the line, people really notice. That's why I know he'll be a big time player in this league for a long time because he does all the little things required to play at a high level."

Warner on the 49ers physical style of play:

"It's all about the little things that people don't notice. We have great players, but our best players are the ones who are most willing to play with the most effort. To play hard, play physical, offensively, being unselfish to block and do the dirty work. That's what makes a team great in my in my opinion."

Seahawks Quotes

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll on Purdy:

"Brock Purdy did a really good job staying alive. I don't know how we couldn't sack the guy, we chased him all over the place. And he's not known for being the greatest scrambler but he looked like (Hall of Fame quarterback) Fran Tarkenton out there today. Some of you guys might know who that is, but he did an excellent job of keeping plays alive."

Carroll on rookie running back Kenneth Walker III's performance against San Francisco's defense:

"He played great against those guys. They're a really, really good team and a really good defense."

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith on his takeaway from Seattle's loss to the 49ers:

"What I can take from this game, and really this season, out of all the great things that we did, all the accolades, all the great stats, there's still so much room for improvement. There's so many ways we can be so much better and I believe it starts with me. The new season for me starts today."

Smith on his feelings after the Seahawks loss:

"I'm not at all satisfied. I don't feel good about what happened today. I feel like we could have kept going. For me, I've just got to be better and I'm going to take this and personal... Hats off to the 49ers. They did a great job, but I'm ready to get going again."

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