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49ers Players Highlight Importance of Starting Playoffs with Home-Field Advantage

Earning home-field advantage in the postseason was a significant advantage that head coach Kyle Shanahan stressed throughout the close of the regular season, and this Saturday the Faithful will have the opportunity to show up and show out for their team in the playoffs.

Take a look at what 49ers rookies and veterans had to say about the importance of home-field advantage in the postseason:

RB Jordan Mason:

"The Faithful love to get into the game, it's incredible. I just love this team. To come into this organization and be able to go into the playoffs for my first season is really something."

DL Nick Bosa:

"Our crowd is one of the best in the league and they travel as good as anybody. Hopefully they don't have to do much traveling this year, but having a packed Levi's® is a big advantage."

"It's cool because we get to play in front of our fans and that helps especially when we're on defense. Fans can get loud and the offense probably won't be able to hear the snap count. They'll probably have to go on the silent count and sometimes that can play a part in our advantage."

"It's everything, especially when the game is on the line and we've got to create momentum. Being at home definitely helps with that kind of stuff... I remember my first home game, coming out and seeing everyone just walking around outside the stadium and how alive everything was, the energy, you can just feel it. There's something different about this place."

"It's super important. The Faithful have been behind us all season long. To be able to play in front of them and not have to take a plane or get on a bus and worry about travel time, we can use that time to focus on playing football. We'll get our bodies prepared and our minds prepared to go out there in front of our home crowd and play football... It's going to be fun, we need the Faithful to bring the energy, we know y'all will. We're excited to see y'all this week and we're ready to put on a show for you guys."

"It's huge, big time. The Faithful are the best fan base in the world. Levi's®, I know it's going to be rockin' for the first playoff game against Seattle. I'm excited about it... The Faithful bring it every single week."

"The fans are lit. They kind of surprised me during the regular season, they were really lit... Postseason means a lot more. You can only take it one game per week so they better come out turnt up because we're going to come out turnt up. We're going to match their energy."

"This is a great fan base. I know the fans out here in the Bay Area, they love the 49ers and they are loyal. I see why they call it 'Faithful to The Bay.' It's just a great atmosphere every gameday, so having that home field advantage, it just feels like we're untouchable. Every time we come out, we know we're gonna play fast, we're gonna play physical. That's what fans want to see and we're going to give it to them. That's the culture around here, everybody shows up on gameday and shows what they're made of."

Be there for the playoffs:

Tickets are available now for the first-ever Wild Card game at Levi's® Stadium.

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