Solomon Thomas



Experience: 3 years

Height: 6-2

Age: 23

Weight: 280 lbs

College: Stanford


  • SCK
  • FF
  • INT




  • Thomas comes from an athletic family. His father, Chris, and mother, Martha, each attended the College of Wooster (OH) where Chris played basketball and Martha ran track. Solomon’s uncle, Jon Thomas, ran track at Indiana University where he was a four-time Big Ten 400m hurdles champion.
  • Thomas spent part of his life living in Australia. Says Solomon, “My dad was an international sales manager for Proctor & Gamble, and they had him out there. It was an amazing experience to be there from two to seven or eight. It definitely gave me a different perspective on life and definitely shaped me for life.” Thomas’ family moved back to the United States and spent a few years living in Connecticut. It wasn’t until his family prepared to move to Texas that Thomas was introduced to football, when his parents had him watch ‘Friday Night Lights.’
  • During his childhood, Thomas grew up speaking with a thick Australian accent. When he moved back to the States, no one in school could understand him, so he took three years of speech therapy classes to remove the accent. However, if it was up to Thomas, he would have kept the accent. Said Thomas, “It’s unfortunate, because I’d love to still have my Australian accent.”