Justin Skule



Experience: R

Height: 6'6

Age: 22

Weight: 318 lbs

College: Vanderbilt


  • G
  • GS


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  • Skule’s father, Joshua, has been an FBI agent for over 20 years, having spent a decade each in Chicago and Washington D.C. Currently, he is the Executive Assistant Director for Intelligence. He was appointed counter terrorism section chief by former FBI director Robert Mueller in 2012 and head of intelligence by former FBI director James Comey in 2016. Joshua deals with terrorism, election hacking, mass shootings and mandates from the White House on any given work day, and not even gameday is an exception. If a “significant crisis event” occurs, Joshua must be ready to take a high-priority conference call, regardless of what is happening on the field. “I’m always curious about who he’s talking to when he takes those calls, but he can’t say,” Justin said. “When I’m playing a game, I obviously don’t know what’s going on with him,” said Justin. “But when I’ve been with him at my younger siblings’ games, he’ll get one of those calls, and you just know it’s important.”