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George Kittle, Talanoa Hufanga Among 49ers Notable Fifth-Round Draftees

The 2023 NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 27. However, for the San Francisco 49ers, the selection process will begin a day later in Round 3 and most of the team's picks are scheduled for the final day of the draft. As it stands, the team has a total of 11 draft picks beginning with pick No. 99.

At this year's NFL Scouting Combine, general manager John Lynch outlined the team's goals heading into the draft. With the core of the 49ers roster remaining intact, depth has been highlighted as San Francisco's biggest priority. As it stands, the 49ers will make three selections in the fifth round, picks No. 155, 164 and 173, providing three opportunities to help fortify the team's positions of need.

"The draft sets up well with the way we are positioned this year... To me, the blue chip players, there aren't as many this year, but there is good depth," Lynch said. "I think there is good value, and we seem to do well at pick 100 and back. We're in our sweet spot. We've got to make them count."

Here's a list of the San Francisco 49ers fifth-round draftees on the 2023 roster:

Notable San Francisco 49ers alumni drafted in the fifth round:

  • Tony Peterson, 153rd pick, 1994 NFL Draft
  • Merton Hanks, 122nd pick, 1991 NFL Draft
  • Bruce Collie, 140th pick, 1985 NFL Draft
  • Jeff Fuller, 139th pick, 1984 NFL Draft
  • Michael Carter, 121st pick, 1984 NFL Draft
  • Riki Ellison, 117th pick, 1983 NFL Draft
  • Archie Reese, 127th pick, 1978 NFL Draft

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