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Trent Williams, Aaron Banks Talk Hometown Roots, Fatherhood and Brock Purdy

Each week, I get to sit down with different 49ers players and alumni for the team's only player-focused podcast, discussing the upcoming game week and leading players through fan-submitted questions about football, life and everything in between. All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams and second-year offensive lineman Aaron Banks joined the 49ers "You've Got Mail" podcast presented by Manscaped to talk all things Dallas Cowboys rivalry and discuss their off-the-field interests.

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Here are five things we learned about Williams and Banks:

The duo of offensive linemen had some knowledge of the Cowboys-49ers playoff rivalry but became fully aware of the history after spending time in the organization.

Williams: "I didn't know about the rivalry and how deep it goes, personally. I know, obviously, (49ers) are one of two storied franchises so used to seeing Steve Young, Jerry Rice and that whole crew, but I as never able to just lock in on a heated rivalry. I didn't know much about it."

Banks: "I was born into it (Raiders fandom). My uncles were Niners fans, and they would come over to the house and my pops would make them take their Niners gear off at the door. We're fully switched over now… We're all Niners through and through."

When Christian McCaffrey first arrived in Santa Clara, he mentioned being excited to play with Williams. You can say those feelings of admiration are mutual.

Williams: "Man, it's been a dream come true (working with McCaffrey). To have a back like that who can literally go run every route in the route tree, can run every scheme in the running game that you ask him to, can pick up blitzes, can choice route, he's quarterback friendly, is extremely smart... I don't think we talk about how smart of a player he is. That was I was really taken back with."

Williams and Banks also had a glowing review of the 49ers rookie quarterback Brock Purdy even though sometimes they're blocking a little longer than is typical on a single snap.

Williams: "He's got some stuff to him. Obviously, we like the ball to come out pretty quick so we can not have to worry about blocking someone for eight or nine seconds, but I think there is a time and place for it all. So far, in his young career, he's chosen good times to extend plays and when to just burn the ball and get off of it and when to stand in and make throws."

Banks: "I was surprised with how mobile he was. He can move. He's got a little wiggle to him, his little high step."

Off the field, these offensive linemen love spending time with their families and are enjoying dad life. Fatherhood, however, has brought with it a few surprises.

Williams: "The most surprising part of fatherhood is, especially having all girls, the sudden change in mentality and how you live your life and what you live for and just how you treat people around you."

Banks: "The most surprising part is how much they cry. My favorite part is seeing that baby's smile. He's just starting to smile now."

Williams often gets shout outs for his great sense of style and shared his thoughts on another teammate who also makes a lot of bold decisions with gameday wardrobe.

Williams: "I think Ray-Ray McCloud III is really outgoing with what he puts on, but I think we're just in two different lanes. I don't think I could pull off some of the things he could pull off."

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