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NFC West Roundup: Seahawks Offseason Hires, Draft Strategy and Division Updates

Each week, I get to sit down with different 49ers players, alumni and NFL media to talk all things San Francisco 49ers and answer fan-submitted questions. Seattle Seahawks senior team reporter John Boyle joined the 49ers "You've Got Mail" podcast presented by Manscaped to discuss offseason moves, coaching vacancies, 2023 NFL Scouting Combine news and NFC West updates.

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Here are four things we learned about the Seahawks offseason moves:

The Seahawks are in a unique draft position with a total of four picks in the first two rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Boyle: "Pete Carroll talked a lot about what a rare and unique opportunity this is for them. Obviously, if you're doing well, you're drafting late, and for most of time they've been here, they've been a good team, drafting in the 20s. To have that No. 5 pick from Denver, that gives them a chance to add the elite talent you usually don't get to draft late in the first round. I think they feel they have a lot of flexibility with the two first round picks and two second round picks."

Quarterback Geno Smith has been re-signed to a three-year deal and has been a boost in the starting QB spot.

Boyle: "Geno's such a good locker room guy, and that is why, when he came into last season, his teammates were really behind him, really giving him a good shot early to succeed in that competition... When you've been here a few years and the guys really respect you that helps a lot. In terms of a passer, just because things didn't work out early for him, he's a backup forever and people make assumptions about him without actually seeing him. If you watched him practice the last few years, there's a ton of arm talent there and that's what we saw. He led the NFL in completion percentage last year."

Boyle expects another competitive season between the Seahawks and 49ers in the NFC West.

Boyle: "The Seahawks are fully expecting to be a competitive team, challenging the 49ers and pushing for the playoffs again. If they get this draft right, you could add a couple more talented guys and you have a young class of guys from last year that you expect to only get better... They're going to fully expect to be right in the mix."

Boyle's favorite play of the year from the 49ers and Seahawks meetings came from the Wild Card Game.

Boyle: "Late in the first half of the playoff game was pretty exciting, when they hit that deep ball to DK Metcalf, and you're like 'Oh wow, they're really in this!' Obviously, it got away from them later, and I think they knew some things were going to have to go right for them in that game to get the 49ers. They had some chances early and then unfortunately, it got away from them late."

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