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Deommodore Lenoir Talks First Career Interception, Facing Tom Brady and More

Each week, I get to sit down with different 49ers players and alumni for the team's only player-focused podcast, discussing the upcoming game week and leading players through fan-submitted questions about football, life and everything in between. Cornerback Deommodore Lenoir joined the 49ers "You've Got Mail" podcast presented by Manscaped to share more about his jump from Year 1 to Year 2 in the league and discuss his off-the-field interests.

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Here are five things we learned about Lenoir:

Lenoir grew up both a Tom Brady and Atlanta Falcons fan and shared memories of their clash in Super Bowl LI.

Lenoir: "I was a Tom Brady fan at first. I saw him play against Eli Manning in the Super Bowl, I wanted him to win so bad, but he lost. I was like, 'Why is it that every time I want him to win, he loses, but when I want him to lose he wins?' Because the Falcons were my favorite team. And it's crazy, I found out last year that Shanahan was the offensive coordinator in that Super Bowl."

In 2022, Lenoir has hit two big career milestones, notching his first-career sack in Week 4 against the Los Angeles Rams and a first-career interception in Week 13 versus the Miami Dolphins. Here's what he had to say about the pick:

Lenoir: "Later on, they ran that (pass) play after the half, and I'm thinking, 'This could possibly be my chance,' to either make a big hit or a splash play... When the ball was in the air, I knew I was going to catch it."

Lenoir was asked by a fan which teammate he would like to see get their first Pro Bowl nod. He couldn't pick just one, so these are the two teammates he'd like to see in the 2023 Pro Bowl Games:

Lenoir: "It's between Talanoa Hufanga and Dre Greenlaw. Talanoa because just seeing where he came from and the progression from Year 1 to Year 2, it's ridiculous... Whenever I'm next to Dre in the games, I feel like a linebacker just like him. Our mindset is the same. We're on the same type of time. We're not scared of anybody."

Lenoir is a cornerback taking on a starting role on the field, and off the field, he enjoys three activities the most.

Lenoir: "I play video games, people know that. They know I'm the best Madden player on the team... I like to swim. I really just like having fun. I go on hikes. I just go and see stuff I haven't seen before."

Lenoir shared his top three restaurants from his hometown of Los Angeles, CA.

Lenoir: "These are probably food spots you've never heard of too. No. 1 is Twin Dragon, it's like a Chinese food spot. No. 2 is Let's Sea Bag n' Roll. It's out in Cerritos, CA. No. 3 is Dirt Dog by USC."

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