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Kyle Shanahan and 49ers Begin Game Prep, Await NFC Divisional Round Opponent

Two of the three big questions surrounding the San Francisco 49ers entering Super Wild Card Weekend have been answered. Will head coach Kyle Shanahan and his team advance to the next round? Yes. What day will they play the NFC Divisional Round game? Sunday. And finally, who will they play? That is still to be determined but will be sorted out later this evening.

The 49ers will host the winners of the Monday night Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Dallas Cowboys game. Until the clock strikes zero on that contest, the team plans to go about their game week schedule as normal as possible without having an opponent in place.

"Since Minnesota (Vikings) lost, you know, we have a normal seven days," Shanahan said. "We're spending this Monday catching up on the film with coaches. Coaches are going to catch up with it individually with their players. Tomorrow will be a Tuesday, and we'll get going on Wednesday."

Shanahan will be going through film on the team's two potential opponents and then tuning into the final broadcast of Super Wild Card Weekend like the rest of the football world.

"By the time it gets to them, we probably have watched enough (film) on both teams to where now, we're just waiting for the end of that game. I'll probably just sit back and relax tonight when that starts and watch the TV copy like a normal person. After, I'll probably get to work a little bit before Tuesday."

The head coach had a very short injury list to update on Monday with just two players suffering minor injuries in San Francisco's 41-23 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Wide receiver Jauan Jennings and defensive lineman Samson Ebukam both sustained ankle injuries and will be day-to-day this week. Jennings played through his ankle issue on Saturday while Ebukam exited the game early. Shanahan mentioned in his postgame press conference that if the game had been a tighter contest at the end, Ebukam likely would have been able to reenter to help the team.

Because the 49ers have an entire week ahead of their upcoming Divisional Round game, San Francisco will follow their typical seven-day schedule. Tuesday will be player off-day, and on Wednesday, the team will open up practice.

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