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Burford, Jackson Answer Fan Questions About Their Rookie Year and More

Each week, I get to sit down with different 49ers players and alumni for the team's only player-focused podcast, discussing the upcoming game week and leading players through fan-submitted questions about football, life and everything in between. Rookies Spencer Burford and Drake Jackson joined the 49ers You've Got Mail podcast presented by Manscaped to share more about their stories and discuss their off-the-field interests.

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Here are five things we learned about Burford and Jackson:

Burford and Jackson are living their dreams of playing in the NFL. Playing in the league comes with its adjustments, and the duo shared a bit of what it's like to make a big move after being drafted.

Burford: "I'm from Texas, so coming to Cali was, I wouldn't say a big culture shock, but some things are done differently than the South. Sometimes I do get homesick, I'm not going to lie. But at the end of the day, my family comes out here and visits whenever they want. They would get on a plane if I needed them to."

Jackson: "I've been away before. I trained at Exos (training facility) when I was in the process of getting to the NFL, so I was already away from home. I kind of got my feelings out there."

Burford and Jackson both share a deep love of Disney movies and shared their picks for best picture of all time.

Burford: "Toy Story."

Jackson: "Lilo & Stitch."

Off the field, Jackson has some pretty impressive gymnastics skills. He discussed the origins of his backflips.

Jackson: "When I was a kid, I used to just love playing in jumpers, trampolines and things of that sort. Back then, it was a challenge of who could do the best flip. A backflip is something that a lot of people couldn't do at that time, so learning that was big."

Burford and Jackson celebrated getting drafted with a few purchases. The rookies shared what they bought with their first NFL paycheck.

Burford: "I paid off all my mom's stuff. Then, I ended up buying myself a truck."

Jackson: "I probably got some food, but I'm going to go with the big purchase. I bought an apartment."

The rookies helped out a fan from The Bay with some advice for an upcoming promposal. These are their best words of advice for asking someone out to a dance:

Burford: "Just be you, bro. Just go up to her and say, 'You are the apple of my eye.' Just be smooth, brother."

Jackson: "Do you and just be yourself. I'm the same way (low key). I never did anything too big. I couldn't do that whole poster thing. I couldn't do it."

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