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What the 49ers and Packers Had to Say Following the Divisional Round

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on the Team's Upset Victory at Lambeau Field

Guys were going crazy. They were ecstatic. Just that game - being in that game, the way it went, just those elements. That first drive, the way we started that out, it didn't seem like it was too hard for them (the Packers) with those elements after that first drive. But after that, the defense was unbelievable. And the way the Special Teams stepped it up - blocked kick, the blocked punt for a touchdown, Robbie [Gould] being 100% on those field goals - it was so big. And every time we felt like we almost got something going, whether it was a penalty, couple drops, they rush really well, we had a number of sacks, but the guys just bounce in and find a way to get a win in there, I couldn't be more proud of the guys.

Shanahan on the Special Teams Unit Performance vs. the Packers

Richard (Hightower) did a hell of a job - it was a big game. I know they have had some adversity here over the second half of the season, and we said it on Tuesday when we started, we thought our special teams had an advantage in this game. And we thought they had an opportunity to possibly win us the game. To be able to say that and for it to actually come to fruition, those guys pulled it off. It was huge for those guys and huge for our team.

Shanahan on how His Team Never Gives Up

I think our team has been through so many different situations this year that we just never overreact to anything. We just keep playing football. We have a bunch of guys on that team that I just like to call, "true football players." They really enjoy it. They enjoy watching it. They enjoy practicing. And they love playing. Those guys, they just don't get discouraged. They don't get frustrated at the other side of the ball. Guys just keep working and trying to have each other's backs. We needed everyone today.

Shanahan on Jimmy Garoppolo's Performance

I thought Jimmy battled. I know he had that bad pick, which was unfortunate. That wasn't a good play, but some of the plays Jimmy made in the first half, I mean that throw to George Kittle was going to be a touchdown and Kittle missed that. One play later when they blitzed us, and for him to get it off to Jauan Jennings and give him a chance. I thought Jimmy made some really good plays in this game. I don't think people understand what that is kind of like out there, but I was happy with everybody.

Shanahan on having the Faithful Show Up at Lambeau Field

It is so awesome. The Faithful are unbelievable. They blow my mind everywhere we go. The coolest thing I ever saw was New Orleans in 2019 when they took over Bourbon Street. What they did in SoFi a few weeks ago, and then in Dallas, seeing them out here at Lambeau. We have the best fans in the league and they show it everywhere we go.

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the Down to the Wire Win in Green Bay

We just find a way. Every week is different; we've done it multiple ways. But, just the fight in this team is ridiculous. It really is. No giving up. You can feel it on the sideline, even when things aren't going well. Defense was balling today. It was everything we thought it would be.

Garoppolo on Deebo Samuel's Playmaking Abilities

Deebo…I mean, he's an athlete, man. He does it all. Kick returns today, he was doing it all. And credit to the o-line too. Those guys were blocking great today, getting after those guys. That was a good front they were going against. And they got the run game going. It was impressive.

49ers Kicker Robbie Gould on How the Special Teams Performed in Green Bay

I'm pretty happy with how Taybor Pepper and Mitch Wishnowsky handled all the conditions. I mean, those guys played really, really well for not having played in it (the weather) a lot... And then all the guys up front have been blocking awesome.

49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel on the Team's Mindset Heading into the Cold-Weather Game in Green Bay

It was cold. Don't get me wrong, it was really cold. But it's just the mindset of this team and the physicality we've got to play with. We did that all four quarters and we came out with a win.

Samuel on the 49ers Blocked Punt and Special Teams Touchdown

I really wasn't looking and then I heard everybody screaming. Then I looked and we got a scoop and score. I was like, "Alright, we really needed that."

49ers Tight End George Kittle on Being a "Gritty" Football Team

This team has been through a lot. We've been through a lot of adversity. We've dealt with a lot. We've lost games by making mistakes and we've won games dirty. This is a gritty team. It's a salty team. We just keep bouncing back. We don't really let anything freak us out... I don't want to say we don't flinch, but we just stay calm. We trust in each other and we trust in the coaches. This whole team is just full of football players that love to play the game. They don't really care about what's going on during it, we're just going to keep battling.

49ers Safety Jimmie Ward on the Weather at Lambeau Field

It's great football weather. That's it.

49ers Linebacker Fred Warner on His Message to the Defense after the Packers Scoring Drive

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty upset. Everyone was going around saying, "we're good, we're good," and I just had to really just try and light a fire under everybody and let them know that they're not better than us. That we needed to buckle down and dial in. They are a great offense, but I know we're a great defense too. So I thought that was unacceptable for sure.

49ers Defensive Lineman Arik Armstead on Taking Down Aaron Rodgers Multiple Times

That was an amazing experience. I have so much respect for A-Rod, he's a future Hall of Famer and one or the best to do it. Any chance you can get a sack on him in a game like that and in a big moment, it's definitely a great feeling.

Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur's Opening Statement

Well, that's a tough pill to swallow for all of us right now. That's a really disappointed locker room. I hurt for them. This is three years in a row, kind of situation, two years in a row we're the No. 1 seed and you lose home playoff games. Obviously I didn't do enough to get our team prepared to win a football game. Certainly, when we only score 10 points offensively, I put that all on myself. I've got to be better than that. You know, we had plenty of opportunities to kind of put that game away. I thought our defense battled their ass off. I thought they competed at the highest level. We had a ton of special teams miscues. But ultimately, give San Francisco a ton of credit. They came ready to play, they came ready to battle. We knew it would be four quarters and it went right down to the wire there. Like I said, I hurt for these guys more so than anybody because they put their bodies on the line. They come to work each and every day with a positive attitude, do everything in the best interest of the football team, and when you come up short, it's extremely disappointing. So, I don't know, I don't have a lot more than that to say.

LaFleur on the Importance of the 49ers Blocked Punt

I mean, you could argue that was the difference in the game. I think there was more than just that play. I don't know exactly what happened. I'll have to go back and take a look at the tape, but we had two blocks in this game and that obviously played a big part in us coming up short.

LaFleur on Aaron Rodger's Performance in the Divisional Round

I think Aaron did everything he could. He was under a lot of duress. I think it's more to do with I didn't put our guys in position to make enough plays and I take that very personally. I'm going to do everything in my power to improve upon that because scoring 10 points is not going to get it done.

Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers on his Performance in the Divisional Round Loss

I didn't have a great night tonight. They did a good job of kind of getting me off the spot and a better job of taking away some of the quick game that we got going the last time we played them and I just missed a couple reads. I probably should have taken a couple hole shot chances at certain times, and then obviously if I hit Allen (Lazard) on that deep-in on the last drive, that probably gets out to about midfield and we're a couple first downs away from being in field goal range, so I'm definitely disappointed by some of those decisions that I had tonight. So, yeah, I definitely take my fair share of blame tonight.

Rodgers on the 49ers Defensive Line

The pass rush was formidable, and I wasn't able to get in that rhythm like last time we played them.

Packers Defensive Tackle Kenny Clark on Losing on a Walk-Off Field Goal

It was just a bad feeling. The worst feeling in the world. We put in so much work during the season and we played our hearts out. We played with great effort. For it to end like that, it was one of the worst feelings in the world.

Packers Safety Adrian Amos on Being Knocked Out of the Playoffs

Right now, this stings because I feel like we had the team to win it all, and I felt like that the last couple of years. It hurts when you know you can win, it hurts when you know it's one or two plays that lost you the game.

It hurts a little bit more than that, than maybe just going out there and getting blown out and just being overmatched or something like that. But when you lose games because of mistakes you made or when you feel like you should've won, that stings.

Packers Running Back Aaron Jones on Facing Off Against the 49ers Defense

That first drive definitely gave us all a lot of confidence. I thought we were going to go down and score some more, just how easily we were able to move the ball and put the ball in the end zone.

But they make adjustments as well. Their coaches get paid, their players get paid as well. I just think they did a good job of coming to play in the second half.

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