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What the 49ers and Seahawks Had to Say Following #SFvsSEA

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the Week 15 matchup at Lumen Field. Here's what the teams had to say following the contest:

Niners Liners

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on quarterback Brock Purdy's performance in Week 15:

"He's definitely one of the most poised rookies I've ever had. He's been like that since he's gotten here. From what I hear about him in college, I think it was very similar just starting as a freshman. He's been great, he was poised all week... He got comfortable and got better as the game went and it was pretty unbelievable."

Shanahan on running back Christian McCaffrey's game against the Seahawks:

"To have a back who's such a threat out of the backfield on pass plays, to me as good as anyone in the league at that, plus the runner that he is... it's a great weapon to have."

Shanahan on the 49ers No. 1 ranked defense:

"I thought the defense was unbelievable... they've been unbelievable all year and are continuing it."

Shanahan on the matchup between cornerback Charvarius Ward and Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf:

"DK is as big of a challenge as anyone is in this league. How physical he is, how explosive he is. It was really cool to watch Mooney just battle with him... Watching him battle throughout the game and not shy away, I thought he played a hell of a game."

Shanahan on what this win means to the team:

"A big win tonight, to be able to clinch the division and just have a couple days, we can relax a little bit. But this isn't our final goal by any means. I'm very proud of our team and what we've accomplished throughout the year to get to this. Our goal is to get in the tournament and we accomplished that today. Now it's all trying to set that up to be in the best situation we can and hopefully get some of our guys back in the process."

Defensive lineman Nick Bosa on clinching the NFC West:

"It's just a great feeling to be in the mix."

Bosa on McCaffrey's mindset:

"Even when he is performing well, I think the biggest thing for him is there's always more. He's always finding more ways to get better and he's always frustrated with his performance. Which is kind of like me – no matter how good you play, there's always more. He's a beast."

Running back Christian McCaffrey on his feelings being a NFC West champion:

"It's hard to put into words, it's been a wild roller coaster and obviously we still have a lot more left. But it's nice to be able to celebrate this one with an amazing group of guys and I'm just so fortunate to be a part of this team."

McCaffrey on the team's identity:

"Everyone on this team just plays with so much passion and purpose and you can see it in the way they work all week. My first emotion is just thankful to be a part of this team."

McCaffrey on rookie running back Jordan Mason's explosive fourth quarter run:

"He's the closer. It was awesome, he runs so hard. For him to come in and finish the game like that was awesome. I had a big workload, to get some fresh legs in there and to close it like that was really cool. I was relieved, it won the game. I was so fired up for him and for our whole team."

Defensive lineman Arik Armstead on clinching the NFC West against the Seahawks:

"I've only done it twice in my years. That shows you how hard it is. To do it in Seattle, we wouldn't want it any other way. This team has been a thorn in our side ever since I've been here. So to get it done against them definitely felt great."

Armstead on the 49ers offense:

"They've been doing an excellent job. When you look at all the weapons we have on offense, somebody is bound to go off. It just depends on who that day. Those guys, Deebo Samuel, Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk, Jauan Jennings, all our skilled positions, Ray-Ray McCloud III. They're bound to go off at anytime. It's hard to when you have so many weapons to keep all of them quiet throughout the game, so it's definitely to our advantage."

Armstead on the culture in the 49ers locker room:

"We love playing with one another, we have a lot of fun. Everybody's happy for each other's success."

Quarterback Brock Purdy on tight end George Kittle racking up yards after the catch:

"That's who George really is. Honestly, he's one of the best in the NFL in terms of making a play after the catch."

Purdy on what it's like clinching the division with the 49ers:

"It's special and everything but, honestly, I'm just another component and one other piece to the team. A guy coming in and just doing what he's asked of... I don't think Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance get enough credit for what they've done. I'm just now coming in the scene where these guys have been here throughout the offseason. For Trey and then Jimmy coming in and winning for me to come in. I just want to continue what they got rolling."

Linebacker Fred Warner on winning the division:

"This was really special. Now being in it for a little bit, my fifth year in, I've gotten one division title. Knowing that they don't come every year, you've got to grind for it. We got it in this fashion and in this atmosphere again and it means the world. It was a complete team win when we needed everybody and I'm just super proud of the group."

Warner on linebacker Dre Greenlaw's back-to-back stellar performances:

"He just continues to write the script himself just with how he plays out there. You can't deny it. He's making big time plays and big time moments. He continues to ball out, he's a baller and he's one of the best. I'm happy to share the field with him."

Warner on what makes the 49ers defense special:

"Getting after the ball, that's just how we pride ourselves. Not only in our room, but on the entire defense. I think that's what separates us, what makes us different, is the genuine want and need for everybody to get there and get there with a purpose. I think that's what makes us different."

Tight end George Kittle on winning at Lumen Field against a division rival:

"This stadium, these fans, they're fantastic. I know you feel their hate and you just gotta love it because I know like our Niners fans, we hate them. They hate us. But it's just a fantastic atmosphere. It's always so loud. The fans bring it every single time. Being able to win here means a lot. I really learned that when we played with Joe Staley and he talked about how hard it is to win here... I just channeled my Joe Staley energy tonight."

Kittle on McCaffrey and the 49ers offense:

"Whenever Christian McCaffrey touches a football, I think it's gonna be a touchdown. He ran his tail off tonight. He was violent, he was physical, he got downhill, made guys miss. And then for him to get a touchdown too, it's awesome. Definitely, we're in a groove."

Seahawks Quotes

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll on competing against the 49ers in Week 15:

"The 49ers are a really good team and they're doing really good stuff. They've been really consistent, a bunch of wins in a row."

Carroll on competing against Shanahan:

"They did a nice job and we give them credit. I have been crediting them all week because I really think a lot of Kyle and the job that he does with that team."

Carroll on what went wrong for Seattle:

"We really felt like we gave them 14 points in the game. They may have earned it in other ways and I don't want to take anything away from their wins. It was a nice win for them to come up here and get us up here, so it's a big deal."

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith on the 49ers defense:

"They're a great defense. It was tough out there, but I felt like everyone on our side played with tons of effort... That's a great defense. Hats off to San Fran. They made it tough on us, but you can see that we were close."

Smith on how his offensive line held up against the 49ers defensive line:

"Those guys did a great job all night, battling against a really good front seven. Maybe one of the best in the league."

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