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Gould, Pepper Answer Fan Questions about DIY Projects, Wedding Planning and More

Each week, I get to sit down with different 49ers players for the team's only player-focused podcast, discussing the upcoming game week and leading players through fan-submitted questions about football, life and everything in between.. Kicker Robbie Gould and long snapper Taybor Pepper joined the 49ers You've Got Mail podcast presented by Manscaped ahead of the team's Week 2 home opener versus the Seattle Seahawks.

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Here are five things we learned about our duo of specialists:

Gameday fashion doesn't mean the same thing for everyone, and that is the case with Gould and Pepper. One likes to change up the aesthetic while the other goes for a consistent look to all of the team's matchups.

RG: "This year, I've been going a little more jeans, bomber jacket, with some flashy shoes which is very outside my comfort zone."

TP: "I'm a big believer in look good, feel good, feel good, play good. I like to switch it up. I like to be unpredictable."

When asked their take on owning a dog, both Gould and Pepper shared they are fans of man's best friend despite only one of them owning a dog. Pepper took it one step further, revealing a special talent related to dog ownership.

RB: "If you have the time and your kids are willing to do it, then I think it's awesome for them to be able to learn the traits (of pet ownership) and also the love that a pet gives people... Get a dog!"

TP: "I train German shepards. I have a German shepard from the Czech Republic, and he's super awesome."

Home construction DIY projects are tough to get through when you're short on time, and in the case of this dynamic duo, when you're not the most talented home improvement expert in the home.

RG: "I am not a hammer in hand kind of guy. I am more like a 'let me help you execute the task.' My wife is definitely way more handy than myself."

TP: "I am really glad you (Robbie Gould) said that. I am in the same boat."

NFL origin stories are always interesting with so many players finding different paths to the league. Gould and Pepper both had career detours before finding an "in" to the NFL and establishing themselves with their former teams.

RG: "When I left New England, I got cut and then when I got cut from Baltimore all my rookie year, you couldn't go to an employer and be like 'Hey, I would love to do this business job, but if the NFL calls, I'm out.' I was working construction for a buddy back home. When I got a call from the Bears to come out, I actually hung up on them three times. I thought it was my buddies messing around with me. I was working a true 9-5."

TP: "I graduated Michigan State in 2015 and kind of had a slow start to get into the NFL. When I got my first call to play in a game, I was working at my mom's business and was keeping track of the games on my phone. Sunday night apparently there was an injury, and I got a call from the Packers, got flown out the next morning. The rest is history."

Both Gould and Pepper are married and have gone through the wedding planning stage of the process. Each specialist had a bit of a different approach to their involvement in helping choose the details.

RG: "I'm a really easygoing guy. I don't care about much. Whatever you (your spouse) want, that's fine. Let's do it."

TP: "There were a few things I was pretty particular about. Absolutely no blue and brown color scheme for the wedding. Something about that really irks me. I was really adamant about the suit, but the rest of it was fine."

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