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What the 49ers and Cowboys Had to Say Following Super Wild Card Weekend

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on the Roller Coaster Win in Dallas

It was pretty emotional out there. Lots of opportunities, I thought, we had to win the game. I felt like we did a number of times but those guys just kept fighting. We had a couple of mistakes there at the end and shouldn't have let it get there. Just for the guys to come out and finish that game, especially in that environment, was a hell of a win by the guys.

Shanahan on if He Thought Dallas Would Get Another Play Off at the End of the Game

No, I thought it was over because I saw it live. I was very confident that it was done. I was just nervous that sometimes when you're real confident, you think you see it right and sometimes it changes, so you're never fully sure until they let you know.

Shanahan on Why He Thinks His Players Fight to the End of Each Game

I think we've got guys who really like football. I think we've got guys who like to practice. I think we've got guys who like to play. We don't try to get more up for games. We're just up as much as you can [be] for every game. There's only one way to play. You try to talk that way a lot as a coach. You try to emphasize the guys who do that but it's all just talk until you've got the right people. We've got a bunch of guys in there who I love coaching because it's not hard to get them to play. It's very fun to coach them.

Shanahan on Getting Trent Williams His First Playoff Win

I was so happy for Trent. I don't think people realize how much Trent enjoys playing football. Any time you've got guys that talented, which he is as talented as anyone on the planet, they can show up and do better than most people. What separates Trent is he enjoys it. He tries to get after people. He loves playing. When he practices, he practices only one way, and I know how upset he was last week. It meant a lot to him, to get to the playoffs. And for us to give him that chance, you should have seen him practicing all week. He was ready. It was tough last year. One of the reasons he wanted to come here was to try to contend. We didn't have that team last year. I was really happy for him and everyone else in there that we're getting a little taste of this.

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the Final Second Win in Dallas

It was an emotional game. The highs and lows of it, everything. It never felt like it was getting away from us. I always felt like we were very in control of the game. It made for some good TV, I guess.

Garoppolo on Deebo Samuel's Touchdown

I had a pretty good view of it. He had another gear. He always does. It shocks me, it shocks defenses when they see it for the first time. He played his ass off today, he really did. Everyone did. It started with the O Line; they set the tone up front. The rest of the skill guys just followed in suit.

Garoppolo on How His Thumb Felt Postgame

It held up. Pretty much the same as last week. It's a day to day fight

49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel on Telling Kyle Shanahan He Wanted the Ball Before His Touchdown

That's absolutely right. When K'Waun Williams got the interception I looked at Kyle and said, "Hey, just give me the ball, I got you." I went out there and next play, I scored.

Samuel on Getting the Underdog Win vs. the Cowboys

It was getting kind of crazy there at the end. Our defense was really good, and they went out there and got a stop. Emotions were through the roof. We just have to get off this win and get ready for next week.

49ers Tight End George Kittle on Watching the Final Plays of the Game from the Sideline

That was awful. Winning is always awesome, no matter how you do it. Obviously we have things we have to fix or learn from, because we almost let that get away from us. But our team stepped up when we needed to step up and we got the win.

49ers Nickel Corner K'Waun Williams on His Interception

I was just reading the quarterback's eyes. I saw it and drove on it and was able to catch it.

Williams on Players Stepping Up with Fred Warner and Nick Bosa Out

It was great. We had all the guys step in. That's losing two big key factors on our defense and having the young guys just step right in and not fall off one bit – it is a testament to those guys.

49ers Safety Jimmie Ward on Matching Up against the Cowboys Offense

Dak Prescott, he did his thing this whole year. So did the guys around him. A lot of talent over there, defense and offense. On offense, two great dynamic running backs. Wide receivers, CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper. I really feel like they miss (Cowboys wide receiver Michael) Gallup, but at the same time they have enough wide receivers and running backs. A great O-line over there to get the job done. But I feel like the defense just came out and we made more plays than they did. We were able to shut them down to 17 points. And how many rushing yards did they have? 77? Less than 100 yards. We went in there and did what we needed to do. Stop the run and force them to be one-dimensional and see if Prescott could win the game for them.

View game photos from the San Francisco 49ers Super Wild Card Weekend matchup vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy on the Last Play of the Game

I've never seen that come down the way it's come down as far as the collision between the umpire and the quarterback. We were trying to get inside the 30 yard line to set up the last play.

I have no problem with the play call. We call the situation a church clock situation. This is something we practice every Friday and Saturday. So we're trying to get inside the 20 yard line. We want the last play to come down to some sort of five vertical pass concepts. We had two set based off of where we were going to be, you know, the final yardage. Based on being that tight with 14 seconds, we should clearly get the ball spiked there.

McCarthy on the Abundance of Penalty Calls against the Cowboys

I wouldn't say we're undisciplined. I think it's the physicality, when you're trying to get your team to play to a certain play style... I thought they would let these team's play today, but that's for them to answer.

McCarthy of Dallas' Offensive Struggles in the First Half

Offensively we had a hard time getting into the rhythm. The timing of the penalties obviously stop drives and you don't want to be in long third downs against that defensive front. So, you know, that definitely didn't help us any.

Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott on Being Knocked Out of the Playoffs

It's tough to accept. It's definitely tough to accept... We had a chance. In all my years, I don't know if I've had a better chance or a better full team than this.

Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott on the Last-Second Loss

It's disappointing. This is the best team I've been on. It is disappointing. We hurt. It hurts all of us. We're all hurting. We just have to rally around each other and start thinking about next year.

Cowboys Defensive End DeMarcus Lawrence on Defending Deebo Samuel

Overall, I think we did an OK job. We should have been more alert in the first half of the game knowing what their game plan is and them getting the ball to him. We've just got to take ownership of this loss and get better from it.

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