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Visit Like a Pro: Colton McKivitz's Perfect Itinerary for Ohio

Visit like a pro with San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Colton McKivitz's itinerary for the best day in the state of Ohio.

The 49ers lineman grew up in the southeast region of Ohio, born in Jacobsburg and raised 10 miles away in Belmont, a small town with a population of about 400 people. McKivitz is a lover of outdoor activities, as he frequently spends his time with his dad fishing and hunting for deer, ducks and squirrels.

"My dad got me into everything in the outdoors, really," McKivitz said. "That's me and dad's time, the outdoor time. I'm just lucky to have that type of figure to learn from and that's what I love most about the outdoors."

So, whether you're a Bay Area fan traveling to the buckeye state in Week 6 or you're a midwest Faithful, here are McKivitz's suggestions for how to spend a great day in Ohio:

The First Stop

McKivitz's first stop in his hometown is a visit to Schlepp's, a family breakfast restaurant that serves home cooking. It's a small American diner with a "truck stop vibe," best known for their homemade bread.

"That's definitely the spot for breakfast," McKivitz said. "They're super friendly. It's just cool to have a little hole-in-the-wall country place to eat."

OL Colton McKivitz

Must-Do Activity

Of all the outdoor activities McKivitz takes part in while visiting his hometown, his favorite is fishing. Growing up, the offensive lineman would also hunt and ride four wheelers with his friends for fun.

"It was definitely backwoods way living," McKivitz said.

His fishing tip was to go to the Ohio River to reel in catfish and carp, and to visit a farm pond for the best bass fishing.

Favorite Eats

McKivitz's go-to meal in Ohio is the country fried steak from the Cracker Barrel located in St. Clairsville – a chain restaurant that serves American comfort food.

"It's pretty good," McKivitz said. "That's got to be my favorite."

Speak Like a Local

The offensive lineman shared that he appreciated growing up in a small town because of the tight-knit community that's formed from knowing everyone in the neighborhood. Because close bonds are formed throughout the area, McKivitz explained that everyone from his hometown calls each other "bud" or "brother."

"Everyone is super friendly," McKivitz said. "It's nice to go places and people will hold doors for you. That's the biggest thing, just the community relationships that everyone shares."

From The Bay to OH

The San Francisco 49ers will continue their season on the road in Cleveland to take on the Browns. The Week 6 matchup is set to kick off at 10:00 am PT on Sunday, October 15. Click here for all the ways to follow the game.

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