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What the 49ers and Seahawks are Saying Ahead of the Week 15 Matchup

The San Francisco 49ers are set to face the Seattle Seahawks as they look for their seventh-straight win. Here's what both teams had to say ahead of the Week 15 matchup:

Niners Liners

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on the challenge of playing at Lumen Field:

"I don't think I've ever been anywhere louder than there and we know how their fans are. We know how that stadium is. You have to be ready for it, you can't expect to hear, not just at the line of scrimmage, but also in the huddle." 

Shanahan on his initial review of the Seattle Seahawks:

"I know their numbers are struggling, but it's really never been that way when we played Seattle, they're a tough group to run the ball on. I know they haven't been this year statistically, but usually when you are struggling and I know them meeting us here in two days, I know that's something they're going to try to take away and it's something they've done a very good job of there in the past." 

Shanahan on the team's wide receivers stepping up for Thursday's game in place of Deebo Samuel Sr.:

"I think the other guys are more than ready. I think those guys love the opportunity. They're always wanting to be out there more. They're mad I'm not in five wides every play, so those guys relish this. I know they did a hell of a job versus the Rams, even that week we thought we were going to get Jauan Jennings, we ended up not getting him towards the end of the week and a number of guys had to step up, so our guys will be ready on Thursday. We had to go do that last year, I believe without Deebo versus Seattle. It'll be the same thing this week and I know our guys are ready and excited for their ops."

Shanahan on Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith:

"I think when you come out of college and you're drafted that high, I don't think anyone disagreed with his throwing talent and the stuff he did in college. Quarterback, it's so hard to play in this league, depending on the situation, depending on your experiences and X's and O's and what you've done, the talent around you, so you never really count anyone out, especially with ability. I've never known him personally, but I know that he's talented. I know he has had good games and he's been given this opportunity this year and the way he came out, everyone noticed right away and he really hasn't wavered all year and I'd like to say I'm happy for him because I'm happy for anybody to do stuff like that. I wish he did it in another division or a different year, but hopefully he'll struggle Thursday."

Defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans on how the Seahawks have changed since the teams' Week 2 matchup:

"Well, I think the offense from where it's changed from when we first played these guys, it's opened up a lot more. I feel like they're taking a lot more shots down field and completing a lot. They're a very explosive offense with (Seattle Seahawks wide receivers) DK (Metcalf) and (Tyler) Lockett. Those guys can take the top off of a defense, so we have our hands full. They're always a tough matchup. We know this team is going to come out, they're going to play physical, they're going to compete. It's always a fun matchup when the Niners and Seahawks get together."

Quarterback Brock Purdy on how the team is preparing for the Seahawks on a shortened week:

"Yeah, I think Kyle did such a good job of just getting everyone's attention after the game. Like, man, we can celebrate this next week after we get through this Thursday night game. It's a quick turnaround, our bodies have to recover as soon as possible, and then we have to be able to literally play another game in four days, so I feel like it started with him and his leadership, getting everyone's attention has been great, but for myself, yeah, that's the thing. I don't want to get caught up in all this noise and then all of a sudden we play Thursday night and I'm not prepared like I need to be. So, it's definitely been a challenge in terms of getting the body right and then moving on and now we already have install meetings and everything and getting ready for Thursday, but at the same time Seattle has to do the same thing."  

Purdy on playing in a notoriously loud stadium:

"Yeah, I think this is probably the most hostile environment that you could probably play in. Either there or Arrowhead, so I'm excited for it. All these guys have played here a bunch of times, so just hearing them out, what's good and what's not in terms of communication and operation. So, we'll be ready to roll for it." 

Purdy on the challenge that the Week 15 game brings:

"I feel like this is part of the game. A lot of the guys have said, welcome to the NFL in terms of you get banged up a little bit, you have to be ready to roll in four days. You have to learn another install, you have to memorize plays, you have to get guys going around you, so this is it. This is the best of the best. And for me, I look at it as a challenge. I can prove to myself that I belong here and I can play here, and I can do all these things."

Seahawks Quotes

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll on the 49ers defense:

"This is a really good team. They've been building this team for a long time. The nucleus of this defense is together. Their linebackers have been playing for a number of years. Their big play guys up front, now they've got Arik Armstead back too. They've got a really good group and it took them a while to put this thing together, but they've always been good. They're at their best right now though."

Carroll on the 49ers offense:

"They have a really good commitment to the run game. Look how well Kyle's done with changing quarterbacks – he's handled two major shifts in there and been able to stay on course with their team because of the running game. They've done a beautiful job of coaching the new guys as they come in. That's really a good team."

Carroll on running back Christian McCaffrey:

"He can do it all. The normal backfield stuff, two back, one back stuff, is just nothing new for him. But, they can deploy him out – whether they're putting him in motion or they shift him out and line him up outside. He caught a touchdown pass as an outside receiver last week and he's in the slot quite a bit too, so they're balancing out the targets and runs with him to really make you have to defend him all over the field. He's a fantastic football player and he really makes the most of his opportunities."

Carroll on quarterback Brock Purdy:

"What a remarkable amount of improvement he must have made to put himself in that position, with so little and limited playing time. He must be a terrific practice player. I think it really speaks to Kyle and running the offense, because he's not going to take chances and be risk taking with the guy. He's doing what the guy can do and he's done it really well, it's a really impressive start."

Carroll on safety Talanoa Hufanga and defensive back Jimmie Ward:

"Hufanga has had a fantastic season. He looked terrific right from the beginning. It was a great pick by them, he got a little bit under the radar and he has proven everything otherwise. I've loved the way he plays tough and he's got anticipation and instinct and all that stuff. He's a really good ball player and Jimmie Ward has been a good player for a long time."

Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf on what makes the 49ers defense a challenge:

"Their front seven. They've got a great defensive line and that allows for their cornerbacks to sit on routes and their safeties to just play more freely than a lot of other defenses."

Metcalf on why the Week 15 matchup stands out:

"Against a divisional opponent, it's all about who wants it more. Who's mentally prepared and who's physically prepared for a game like this, because it's a four day turnaround."

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith on what makes the 49ers defense unique:

"They've got guys who have been in the system for a while. They've played together for a while, you can see them on tape, they really rally to the football. Every man on the defense is running hard to the ball. Then, you add that with all the talent they have, a bunch of first-round guys, some really good players up front, a great front seven, a really good veteran back and they make it hard on you. They don't do too many crazy things, they just like to play hard and make it a physical style game. That's going to be fun for us. We get an opportunity the second time around to see what we can do."

Smith on linebacker Fred Warner:

"He's super smart, very athletic, he flies around and he leads that defense. You can see the intensity he plays with, he's very aggressive at trying to punch out the ball and he does a great job in his hook drops. Overall, just a great player. Just one of the better linebackers this game has right now. I appreciate playing guys like that because I think it makes you better as well."

Seahawks offensive coordinator Shane Waldron on Nick Bosa:

"He's non-stop. He's such a great combination of talent and work ethic. He has desire to get to the quarterback and he does an excellent job. Throughout the course of the year, he's always getting double-teamed or triple-teamed, chipped and he's just relentless to the ball. If he does have those one-on-one matchups, he's been maximizing them even if he gets matched up against a running back or matched up against a tight end. So, we've just got to do a good job knowing what type of player he is. Being aware of where he's at and doing the best job we can throughout the course of the game of limiting his impact on the game. Knowing a player of his caliber, he's going to have his chances."

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