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Off the Field: Christian McCaffrey Joins 'Bussin' With The Boys' 🚌

San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey joined former NFL players Will Compton and Taylor Lewan on the "Bussin' With The Boys" podcast. In the episode, McCaffrey discussed playing football from eight years old to playing in the NFC Championship Game.

Here's a breakdown of what McCaffrey covered with Compton and Lewan on the podcast:

McCaffrey on the culture in the 49ers locker room:

"I think there's 22 guys from the Super Bowl team a few years ago who are still on the team, so they'd set a culture and a standard that had been there for a while and I was just pumped up to join them."

McCaffrey on how he felt when he was traded:

"There's so many emotions that get flooded at you at once that you're not really able to address because they give you the playbook as soon as you get there... I don't even know if I've completely decompressed yet."

McCaffrey on what the transition was like from the Carolina Panthers to the 49ers:

"It was great. That's as seamless of a transition as I could have imagined from the coaches helping me out learning the plays quick to Brock Purdy walking through with me on the turf field after hours just to try to get some reps in so I could hear the plays. George Kittle and all the leaders on the team, you're playing with guys that are elite at what they do. It's elite all over the locker room, so for them to welcome me in, they felt like family right away. I was so thankful... They welcome you in with open arms, everyone is so great and I clicked with those boys right away."

McCaffrey on meeting his newest teammates:

"Sharing the running back room with Kyle Juszczyk was great and that whole running back room was awesome. It's a good room, Elijah Mitchell, just being able to learn from him and know how he goes, it was a seamless transition. I saw Trent Williams in the locker room, Fred Warner's a beast, Deebo Samuel Sr. – all those guys, they're so close and you can tell they've been through it together. So, when I stepped in there, I've just got to do my job."

McCaffrey on left tackle Trent Williams:

"He's the freakiest player I've ever seen in my life in person. I don't know if it's close... We were on the bus one time and Nick Bosa says, 'I've got the hardest job in America. I've got to go against Trent every day.'"

McCaffrey on how his father prepared him for football:

"He was big on effort, grades and all these things, but how to handle your business and how to deal with emotions when you're on the field was important for me to learn at a young age. If I didn't have him, I don't know what would have happened."

McCaffrey on how he's instilled what he learned at a young age in his game today:

"People who know me now and they see how I take care of my body and the warmups and all the stuff I do, that's been bred in us since I was a kid. It's been taught to us for the longest time... I always felt like I had a chip on my shoulder and people were gonna count me out, so I was going to do everything humanly possible."

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