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49ers PREP Selects Boxer Kopcsak-Yeung as Player of the Week

16 x 9 POW

In the world of high school football, some players shine brighter than others, and one such standout is Boxer Kopcsak-Yeung. In a thrilling game against Liberty, Boxer's exceptional performance earned him the title of Player of the Week as he led his team to a narrow 35-34 victory, securing their second win of the season. Let's dive into the story behind this young athlete's remarkable journey and his standout performance.

Born in San Francisco and later relocating to Sunnyvale before settling in Los Gatos, Boxer comes from a lineage of football enthusiasts. His grandpa, great uncle and dad were all involved in the sport, which meant that the passion for football was ingrained in him from a young age. However, it wasn't until high school that Boxer began playing football, and after his freshman year, he knew he had found his true calling.

Boxer's inspiration and role model in the world of football come from his experiences watching Stanford games. He had the privilege of seeing Christian McCaffrey in action and is delighted to see him playing for the 49ers today. This exposure to high-level football had a profound impact on Boxer, driving him to pursue excellence in the sport.

From a coach's perspective, Boxer Kopcsak-Yeung is not only one of the team's captains but also one of the hardest-working players on the squad. "I admire a player who can capture the respect of his teammates based on personality and work ethic," said Los Gatos head football coach, Mark Krail. His refusal to quit even in the face of an intensely competitive game exemplifies his leadership qualities. Boxer's relentless running style led his team to victory, moving piles of defenders and scoring crucial touchdowns.

In the Liberty game, Boxer showcased his versatility with an impressive range of plays. On the day, Boxer had four touchdowns with 222 all-purpose yards. He scored on a kickoff return touchdown in the first half, displaying his agility and speed. He scored three rushing touchdowns in the second half alone. Two of these touchdowns came from off-tackle power plays, where Boxer's film study paid off as he exploited the aggressive linebackers. The other was a sweep.

As the school of this week's recipient of the 49ers PREP High School Player of the Week presented by U.S. Bank, Los Gatos High School will receive a grant from the 49ers Foundation to put towards its football program. 

Congratulations, Boxer!

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