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49ers PREP Selects Tyson Bonilla as Player of the Week

Week6_16 x 9 POW

In the world of sports, there are athletes who are known for their exceptional talent, dedication and ability to make a significant impact on their team's success. Tyson Bonilla, senior quarterback for Wilcox High School, has certainly earned his spot in the spotlight as our Player of the Week. With his outstanding performances on the field and unwavering commitment to his team, Bonilla has captured the hearts of the Santa Clara community.

Known for his exceptional speed, precise passing and unmatched determination, he has become an integral part of the Wilcox football team. In the team's recent game against the Mountain View Spartans, Bonilla showcased his skills, finishing the evening with 288 total yards and four rushing touchdowns. His ability to read the defense and create scoring opportunities has made him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Tyson Bonilla's journey to becoming a football sensation is nothing short of remarkable. His dad pushed him to be active at a young age. He began boxing at age six and played soccer at age seven. He did not start playing football until he was eight years old, starting out as a running back and safety. However, it was not until his senior year that he decided to transition to quarterback.

The transition to a new position was not easy for Bonilla, especially since he played defensive back his junior year. "The change has been rough mentally since I have to know everyone's position including mine," said Bonilla. However, he embraced the challenge, making it a priority over the summer to improve his game. By reviewing the playbook, taking notes, getting a lot of reps and spending time with his coaches, he has been able to hone his skills for these Friday night lights.

As the school of this week's recipient of the 49ers PREP High School Player of the Week presented by U.S. Bank, Wilcox High School will receive a grant from the 49ers Foundation to put towards its football program.

Congratulations, Tyson!

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