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Know Before You Go: 49ers vs. Lions Event Guide (NFC Championship Game)

Event Guide

Tickets are available now on Ticketmaster.

We ask for all guests attending this event to please review the stadium event guide prior to your arrival.

Parking passes and tickets should be added to Apple Wallet or G Pay to expedite entry at parking and stadium gates.

Know Before You Go

  • Download the 49ers official App on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Add your tickets and parking passes into Apple Wallet or G Pay to expedite entry at parking and stadium gates.
  • In the app, add your credit card for concessions orders by selecting "Manage Credit Card" on the Levi's® Stadium tab.

Ticket Policy

All guests above the age of two and above must have an event ticket to enter the stadium. There is no re-entry after admittance. Guests should have their tickets ready to scan upon approaching the stadium entry gates. The ticket barcode must be visible no matter the ticket type. Tickets will not be emailed or available to print. Your mobile ticket must be displayed on your phone to get into the event.

Visa Box Office

The Visa Box Office opens at 12:00 pm and is located at the north end of the stadium inside Toyota Gate F. Walk-up tickets may also be available at the Visa Box Office.

Will Call

Will call is located at the Visa Box Office.

For the full timeline, click here >>>

Parking Policy

All guests must be in possession of a valid event ticket or credential in addition to their parking pass to park in a designated stadium parking lot. Please download prepaid parking passes ahead of time and add them to your mobile wallet for an expedited parking process.

Day of parking will be available on a limited basis at certain lots. This season parking will be completely cashless. Only credit cards will be accepted for event day transactions.

For additional information on parking, click here >>>

Tailgating Policy

Tailgating is permitted in specified areas only. Non-compliance may result in ejection from the lot without compensation. Tailgating will cease after kickoff.

Tailgating is defined as: the use of any item (including tables, chairs, free-standing canopies or umbrellas, awnings attached to recreational vehicles, coolers, barbecues, grills, games, generators, televisions, sound systems, food or drink, food or drink preparation or serving equipment, or other items as identified by the City Manager or designee) for the purpose of an outdoor gathering by one or more people prior to, during or after a scheduled stadium event.

For additional information on tailgating, click here >>>

Bag Policy

For all events held at Levi's® Stadium, the following bag policy will be in effect. Any bags that are brought inside the stadium must be in compliance with the bag policy. Bags that are not in compliance must be returned to the patron's vehicle. Levi's® Stadium does not offer a bag check service.

Approved clear bags no larger than 12" x 6" x 12". These include the following clear bags:

  • Clear Backpacks
  • Clear Fanny Packs
  • Clear Bags
  • Clear Purses
  • One-gallon clear plastic zip lock type bags
  • Small Clutch Bag (the size of an adult hand) (4.5" x 6.5")
  • Seat Cushion

For additional information on Levi's® Stadium's bag policy, click here >>>

Permitted & Prohibited Items

All individuals and their belongings are subject to search. The following information is subject to change without notice.

Fans with medical bags or items they must carry with them must be inspected and have a wristband or sticker placed on it to show that it has been inspected. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY TO AVOID LAST MINUTE GATE PRESSURE.

For additional information on permitted & prohibited Items, click here >>>

Public Transportation

Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
VTA will operate increased train service from Mountain View station (Caltrain transfer) and Milpitas station (BART transfer) two hours prior to game start. Post-event service will run for approximately 60 minutes post-event. For more information, please visit

Caltrain will be running a regular weekend schedule. Fans heading to the game can get off at the Mountain View station and transfer to VTA light rail service to Levi's® Stadium. Post-event, northbound trains depart Mountain View at 8:34 pm, 9:34 pm, 10:40 pm with the last train scheduled for 11:34 pm. For more information, please visit the game service page at

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
BART will operate a regular weekend schedule. For more information, please visit

Capitol Corridor
On Saturday, Capitol Corridor train 741 arrives at GAC station at 1:39 pm. Post-game, train 746 to Sacramento departs at 7:18 pm and train 748 departs at 8:18 pm. For more information, please visit

ACE will be servicing this event with special trains on Saturday. Pre-event westbound train will arrive at Great America station at 1:35 pm and the post-event train to Stockton will depart at 7:49 pm. For more information, please visit:

The drop-off location at Levi's® Stadium for this game will be on Great America Parkway curbside, between Tasman Drive and Old Glory Lane. The pick-up zone is located in Red Lot 7. Follow signage and staff instructions for additional directions.

For additional information regarding public transportation, click here >>>

Accessible Services

Levi's® Stadium takes pride in the services we provide to our guests including those needing mobility assistance. We provide a variety of services for our guests with disabilities, including courtesy shuttle service from several of our parking lots and wheelchair assistance.

Levi's® Stadium offers accessible seating as well as companion seating in many locations. Please contact the Levi's® Stadium Visa Box Office at (415) 464-9377 ext. 4 or (415) GO49ERS ext. 4 for questions regarding accessible seating and parking.

Guests requesting wheelchair assistance to any of the pick-up and drop-off locations listed below can do so by calling our Mobility Assistance Team at (408) 579-4610. Wheelchair service should be requested in advance when applicable.

For additional information on Levi's® Stadium's accessible services, click here >>>

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