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49ers PREP Selects Beau Blau as Player of the Week


In the heart of Alhambra, a rising football star has emerged, capturing the hearts of fans and earning the respect of his teammates. Beau Blau, a dedicated student-athlete, has been making waves on the football field, leaving a mark that won't be easily forgotten. From his early days in youth football to his current role as team captain, Beau's journey is a testament to hard work, determination and natural talent.

Beau's football journey began in the local youth leagues, where he showcased his passion and enthusiasm for the game. As he progressed through the ranks, he honed his skills, eventually earning a spot on the junior varsity team. His versatility became apparent as he played both running back and safety positions, demonstrating his all-around athleticism.

Last year, Beau's season took an unexpected turn when a senior starter went down with an injury. In the last three games, he stepped up to fill the void and delivered exceptional performances. His dedication to the sport became evident as he hit the weight room rigorously, completing two 12-week cycles of training to improve his strength and physical stature during the spring semester.

But it wasn't just his physical attributes that set Beau apart. His commitment to studying playbooks, taking meticulous notes and asking thoughtful questions demonstrated his dedication to mastering the game. He went above and beyond by watching more film than his peers, ensuring that he was well-prepared for each match.

One of Beau's standout qualities is his leadership on the field. As a team captain, he leads by example, setting a high standard for his teammates. His assertiveness, combined with his ability to keep everyone in line, has earned him the respect of his peers. Beau's intense focus and determination are apparent, but he manages to lead in a way that is not overbearing, fostering a positive team environment.

Beau's impact on the field is undeniable. He's a versatile player, equally comfortable making big pass plays or using his elusiveness to scramble and gain yardage. In a recent game, he accounted for five touchdowns, with four on pass plays that showcase his ability to be a game-changer. He went 10-of-18 with 180 pass yards along with 12 carries for 133 yards and one rushing touchdown. 

Looking ahead, Beau and his teammates have set ambitious goals. They aspire to win their league and make it to the NCS Championship. Beau himself has dreams of playing football at the next level, and he aims to take this same work ethic in the classroom. 

Beau Blau's journey from youth football to becoming a standout player and leader at Alhambra High is nothing short of inspiring. His dedication, versatility, leadership and unwavering commitment to improvement have made him a rising star in the football world. As he continues to chase his dreams and set high goals, Beau's story serves as a reminder that with hard work and determination, success is within reach for those who dare to dream big. After the football season, Beau looks to take his dedication and apply it to the school community, interested in getting involved more for the betterment of the school community. 

As the school of this week's recipient of the 49ers PREP High School Player of the Week presented by U.S. Bank, Alhambra High School will receive a grant from the 49ers Foundation to put towards its football program. 

Congratulations, Beau!

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