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Videos - December 2019

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2019-12-01 Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel Connect for a 33-yard Touchdown
2019-12-01 Raheem Mostert Breaks Free for a 40-yard Touchdown
2019-12-01 Marcell Harris Strips Lamar Jackson, Recovers the Fumble
2019-12-01 Fred Warner Dives For Fantastic 4th Down Pass Break Up
2019-12-01 Full Highlights: 49ers vs. Ravens
2019-12-01 Top Plays from Raheem Mostert's Career Day against Baltimore Ravens
2019-12-01 Jimmy Garoppolo's Best Throws from Week 13
2019-12-01 Jimmy Garoppolo on 49ers 20-17 Loss to the Baltimore Ravens
2019-12-01 Richard Sherman Analyzes 49ers Loss vs. Ravens
2019-12-01 George Kittle: There Was a Lot to Be Proud of Despite 'Coming Up Short' in Baltimore
2019-12-01 Raheem Mostert Reviews Career Game in Baltimore
2019-12-01 DeForest Buckner: 49ers 'Came Up Short' in Baltimore
2019-12-01 Kyle Shanahan Recaps ‘Hard Fought’ Loss to Baltimore Ravens
2019-12-01 The 49ers Locker Room Reviews Team Performance vs. Baltimore Ravens
2019-12-02 49ers Reveal 2019 'My Cause My Cleats'
2019-12-02 Jimmy G Reacts to Kids who Helped Create his 'My Cause My Cleats'
2019-12-03 Mic'd Up: Listen In to the People’s Tight End George Kittle at Ravens
2019-12-03 49ers Versus: Samuel vs. Bourne Battle it Out in Flip Cup Tic-Tac-Toe 
2019-12-04 Emmanuel Sanders: 'We Can Play Against Anybody'
2019-12-04 Jimmy G: 'It’s an Opportunity to Prove We’re the Football Team We Are'
2019-12-04 Mike McGlinchey Shows Excitement for Joe Staley's Return
2019-12-04 Joe Staley: 'I'm Ready to Go' vs. Saints
2019-12-04 Kittle on the Team's Mindset Heading into Matchup with Saints
2019-12-04 Kyle Shanahan Discusses Preparations for Week 14 vs. New Orleans
2019-12-04 Pregame Precheck: Best Airplane Pastime, Sleep 😴 or Movies 🎥
2019-12-05 Los 49ers Pierden en Baltimore, 20-17
2019-12-05 Jimmie Ward: 'We've Just Got to Play 49er Football'
2019-12-05 Fred Warner Discusses 49ers Preparations for New Orleans Saints
2019-12-05 Richard Sherman Shares Update on Knee Injury Ahead of Week 14 Matchup in New Orleans
2019-12-05 Dee Ford: 'I Feel Good' Going into Week 14
2019-12-05 Robert Saleh Gives a Scouting Report on Drew Brees and the Saints Offense
2019-12-05 Baldy's Breakdowns: Breaking Down George Kittle's Run Blocking in Baltimore
2019-12-06 1-on-1: 19 Questions with 19problemz (aka Deebo Samuel)
2019-12-06 Coming Soon: NFC Showdown in NOLA
2019-12-06 Raheem Mostert Named 'Yahoo Fantasy Performer of the Game' after Breakout Showing in Baltimore
2019-12-06 Kyle Shanahan Gives Final Updates before SFvsNO
2019-12-07 ORIG3N DNA of a Play: Raheem Mostert Breaks Down Week 13 Performance
2019-12-08 Jimmy Garoppolo Connects with Emmanuel Sanders for a 31-yard Gain
2019-12-08 Jimmy Garoppolo and Kendrick Bourne Link Up for a Touchdown
2019-12-08 Fred Warner Stuffs Taysom Hill on the Two-point Conversion
2019-12-08 Emmanuel Sanders Breaks Free for 75-yard Touchdown
2019-12-08 Emmanuel Sanders Hits a Wide Open Raheem Mostert for a Touchdown
2019-12-08 Nick Bosa Brings Down Taysom Hill on Third Down
2019-12-08 Raheem Mostert Slips Past Saints Defense for a Touchdown
2019-12-08 Justin Skule Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2019-12-08 Jimmy Garoppolo and George Kittle Connect for a 49ers Touchdown
2019-12-08 D.J. Jones Forces the Fumble, DeForest Buckner Recovers It
2019-12-08 Jimmy Garoppolo Evades Pressure and Finds Kendrick Bourne for a Touchdown
2019-12-08 Kyle Shanahan Recaps 49ers 48-46 Victory over the Saints
2019-12-08 Emmanuel Sanders: ‘Jimmy Garoppolo is a Baller’
2019-12-08 Richard Sherman Calls Week 14 Victory a ‘Great Team Win’
2019-12-08 George Kittle Talks Big Win in an ‘Insane Environment’ 
2019-12-08 DeForest Buckner: ‘George is a Monster, I’m Glad He’s on My Team’
2019-12-08 Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘We Didn’t Hesitate’ in Week 14 Win
2019-12-08 49ers Players Review Last-second Win over Saints
2019-12-08 Emmanuel Sanders' Top Plays vs. Saints
2019-12-08 Top Moments from Jimmy Garoppolo's Week 14 Performance
2019-12-08 Top Plays from the 49ers 48-46 Victory over the Saints
2019-12-08 Robbie Gould Drills Game-winning Field Goal against the Saints
2019-12-08 George Kittle Muscles His Way into Saints Territory on 4th Down
2019-12-09 For Tony: Inside the Locker Room Following 49ers Meaningful Win in New Orleans
2019-12-09 49ers Partner with One Love and Youthhype to Host Workshop
2019-12-09 Emmanuel Sanders Discusses His Touchdown Pass with Deion Sanders
2019-12-09 49ers Invasion presented by Zenni in New Orleans
2019-12-09 Marquise Goodwin Shares Powerful Meaning Behind 'My Cause My Cleats'
2019-12-09 DeForest Buckner Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2019-12-09 Kyle Shanahan Reviews High-scoring Win Over the New Orleans Saints
2019-12-10 Mic'd Up: Arik Armstead Celebrates 'Toe-to-Toe' Victory over Saints
2019-12-10 Go Behind the Scenes for the Making of the 49ers 'My Cause My Cleats'
2019-12-10 George Kittle Shares the Cause Behind His Cleats
2019-12-11 ORIG3N DNA of a Play: Joe Staley Breaks Down Week 14's Big Plays
2019-12-11 49ers Live: Joe Staley Recaps Shootout vs. Saints
2019-12-11 Emmanuel Sanders Named 'Yahoo Fantasy Performer of the Game' after Monster Day against Saints
2019-12-11 Jimmy Garoppolo Analyzes the Matchup against the Atlanta Falcons
2019-12-11 Kyle Shanahan Reflects on His Time in Atlanta
2019-12-11 Impresionante victoria contra los Saints en el Superdome
2019-12-11 Kyle Juszczyk Says Raheem Mostert is a Different Style of Running Back
2019-12-11 Mike McGlinchey: 'We're Starting to Catch Our Groove on Offense'
2019-12-11 Kendrick Bourne: 'I'm Very Comfortable' with the Offense in Year 3
2019-12-11 DeForest Buckner: 'Everybody's Got to Kick Up Their Game a Notch'
2019-12-12 Richard Sherman Named 49ers 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee
2019-12-12 Richard Sherman Reacts to Being the 49ers Nominee for Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year presented by Nationwide
2019-12-12 Robert Saleh Breaks Down the Matchup against the Falcons
2019-12-12 Jugadas Doradas del Juego Contra Los Saints
2019-12-12 Kentavius Streets Highlights Excitement to Get Back on the Field
2019-12-13 1-on-1: Jimmie Ward Talks Movies, Big Plays and Cheese Fries 🍟
2019-12-13 Kyle Shanahan Shares Final Updates before Week 15 Matchup against Falcons
2019-12-13 ATLvsSF Coming Soon: Finishing the Season Strong
2019-12-13 49ers Players Preview Week 15 against Falcons
2019-12-15 Raheem Mostert Powers into the End Zone for a 2-yard Score
2019-12-15 Tevin Coleman Breaks Free for a 37-yard Gain
2019-12-15 Sheldon Day Gets 49ers First Sack of the Game
2019-12-16 George Kittle Speeds Past the Falcons Defense for 21 Yards
2019-12-16 Kyle Juszczyk Hauls in His First Touchdown at Levi's® Stadium
2019-12-16 Full Highlights: 49ers vs. Falcons
2019-12-16 49ers React to Final Second Loss to Falcons in Week 15
2019-12-16 Top Plays from George Kittle in Week 15
2019-12-16 Fred Warner: ‘We’re on to LA’
2019-12-16 Kittle Calls Week 15 Loss to Atlanta a Learning Lesson for 49ers
2019-12-16 Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘I Need to Be Better’
2019-12-16 DeForest Buckner: ‘We Didn’t Handle Business Today’
2019-12-16 Kyle Shanahan Reflects on Week 15 Loss to Falcons
2019-12-17 Intel True View: Nick Bosa's Sack against Falcons
2019-12-17 Intel True View: Kyle Juszczyk's Touchdown against Falcons
2019-12-17 Intel True View: Raheem Mostert's Touchdown Run against Falcons
2019-12-17 1-on-1: NaVorro Bowman Returns to Levi's® Stadium to Relive Iconic 49ers Memories
2019-12-17 Jimmy Garoppolo Analyzes Week 16 Matchup against the Rams Defense
2019-12-17 Kyle Shanahan Shares Health Updates for the 49ers ahead of Week 16
2019-12-17 49ers Players Break Down Week 16 Matchup against Rams
2019-12-18 Mic'd Up: Nick Bosa Continues Pro Bowl-Worthy Campaign
2019-12-18 Richard Sherman: 'I'll Be Out There Saturday' vs. Rams
2019-12-18 Robert Saleh Breaks Down Challenges of Defending the Rams Offense
2019-12-18 Fred Warner Discusses Defending Todd Gurley
2019-12-19 Los 49ers Perdieron Contra Los Falcons en Casa 29 a 22
2019-12-19 Jugadas Doradas en la Semana 15 Contra los Falcons
2019-12-19 49ers Host Hope for the Holidays Presented by United Airlines
2019-12-19 49ers Live: Mike McGlinchey Previews 49ers Week 16 Game vs. Rams
2019-12-19 The Art of the Surfing Celebration: Raheem Mostert Explains the Origin of His Touchdown Celebration
2019-12-19 ORIG3N DNA of a Play: Mike McGlinchey Breaks Down 49ers Week 15 Plays 
2019-12-19 George Kittle Named 'Yahoo Fantasy Performer of the Game' and 'MVP' by Mike McGlinchey
2019-12-19 Kyle Shanahan Shares Final Updates before Week 16 Matchup against Rams
2019-12-21 Entering the Homestretch: LARvsSF Coming Soon
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Jerry Rice
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Randy Moss
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Bill Walsh
2019-12-22 Richie James Jr. Takes a Kickoff 81 Yards into Rams Territory
2019-12-22 Deebo Samuel Turns the Corner and Scores from 19 Yards Out
2019-12-22 Raheem Mostert Speeds Into the End Zone Untouched
2019-12-22 Fred Warner's First-career Pick-six
2019-12-22 Jimmy Garoppolo Finds George Kittle for a 36-yard Pickup
2019-12-22 Jimmy Garoppolo Evades Pressure and Finds George Kittle For Six
2019-12-22 Jimmy Garoppolo Reviews 34-31 Win over the Los Angeles Rams
2019-12-22 Richard Sherman: ‘This is a Special Team’
2019-12-22 George Kittle: ‘We Got that One for C.J.’
2019-12-22 Fred Warner Breaks Down First-career Pick-six
2019-12-22 DeForest Buckner Looks Ahead to Matchup in Seattle Following Week 16 Victory over Rams
2019-12-22 Shanahan Sends Prayers to the Beathard Family Following Week 16 Win
2019-12-22 Jimmy G Connects with Emmanuel Sanders for a 46-yard Pickup
2019-12-22 Robbie Gould Drills the 33-yard Game-winning Field Goal
2019-12-22 Top Plays from the 49ers 34-31 Victory over the Rams
2019-12-22 49ers Locker Room Reacts to Last-second Victory over the Rams
2019-12-22 For CJ: Inside the Locker Room Following the 49ers Week 16 Victory over Rams
2019-12-23 49ers Defensive Line Host Holiday Shopping Blitz
2019-12-23 Mic'd Up: 49ers Stayed Hyped on the Sideline vs. Rams
2019-12-23 Mic'd Up: Fred Warner Ignites 49ers in Week 16 Win over the Rams
2019-12-23 Players Team Up with First Responders for Unique 49ers EDU Experience
2019-12-24 49 Hours: Beat LA, Again
2019-12-24 Levi’s® and Mike McGlinchey Host Shop with a Player Event
2019-12-24 'Twas the Night Before Gameday
2019-12-24 ORIG3N DNA of a Play: K'Waun Williams Analyzes Forced Fumbles in 2019
2019-12-24 George Kittle Named 'Yahoo Fantasy Performer of the Game' and 'YAC King' by K'Waun Williams
2019-12-24 49ers Live: K’Waun Williams Previews Finale vs. Seahawks
2019-12-24 Jimmy Garoppolo Discusses the Challenges of Week 17 in Seattle
2019-12-24 Kyle Shanahan Breaks Down the 49ers Week 17 Regular Season Finale vs. Seattle
2019-12-25 John Lynch Foundation Hosts 23rd Annual Christmas Party
2019-12-26 George Kittle and Teammates Visit Local Children’s Hospital
2019-12-26 Joe Staley's Epic Return Feat. George Kittle and Mike McGlinchey
2019-12-26 Intel True View: George Kittle's Touchdown Reception vs. Rams
2019-12-26 Intel True View: Fred Warner's Pick-six vs. Rams
2019-12-26 Intel True View: Deebo Samuel's 19-yard Touchdown Run vs. Rams
2019-12-26 Baldy's Breakdowns: Analyzing the Play that Could Propel the 49ers Over the Seahawks in Week 17
2019-12-26 Richard Sherman Talks Preparations for Week 17 Matchup in Seattle
2019-12-26 Robert Saleh Gives Scouting Report on Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch
2019-12-26 WON Remembers 87 Event at Levi's® Stadium
2019-12-26 George Kittle Talks Matchup vs. Seahawks after Missing Week 10
2019-12-26 Joe Staley: 'This is the Best I've Felt All Season'
2019-12-26 Nick Bosa Talks the Defense’s Focus to Contain Russell Wilson and Co. 
2019-12-27 49ers Kids Club 2019 Holiday Party
2019-12-27 Kyle Shanahan Gives Injury Updates on Jullian Taylor, Mike Person and Jaquiski Tartt Ahead of Week 17 Matchup
2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Joe Montana
2019-12-28 Coming Soon: Showdown in Seattle
2019-12-28 Pregame Precheck: 49ers Players Share Favorite Memories from 2019
2019-12-30 Deebo Samuel Weaves His Way Into the End Zone for a 30-yard Touchdown
2019-12-30 Deebo Samuel Takes Quick Pass 30 Yards Downfield
2019-12-30 DeForest Buckner Sacks Russell Wilson on 3rd Down
2019-12-30 Jimmy Garoppolo and George Kittle Link Up for 26 Yards
2019-12-30 49ers Defense Stuffs Marshawn Lynch on 4th-and-inches
2019-12-30 Raheem Mostert Fights His Way Into the End Zone
2019-12-30 Kyle Juszczyk Breaks Free for a 49-yard Pickup
2019-12-30 Raheem Mostert Finds Pay Dirt for the Second Time on 'Sunday Night Football'
2019-12-30 George Kittle on NFC West Championship: ‘Feels Great, Baby’
2019-12-30 Kyle Shanahan: ‘Number 1 Seed Feels Good’
2019-12-30 Sherman: We 'Never Stopped Believing' During 49ers Win in Seattle
2019-12-30 Jimmy G Breaks Down the 49ers 26-21 Victory over the Seahawks
2019-12-30 Fred Warner: ‘It Was a Team Win Today’
2019-12-30 Dre Greenlaw: 'I Just Made a Tackle My Coaches and Teammates Would be Proud of'
2019-12-30 DeForest Buckner: 'There’s a Lot More to Be Written and This Story Isn’t Over’
2019-12-30 Raheem Mostert: 'The West Isn't Enough'
2019-12-30 Top Plays from 49ers NFC West-clinching Victory over Seahawks in Week 17
2019-12-30 Dre Greenlaw Stops Jacob Hollister to Win the NFC West
2019-12-30 Deebo Samuel's Top Plays vs. the Seahawks in Week 17
2019-12-30 Inside the Locker Room after 49ers Win NFC West Title
2019-12-30 49ers Locker Room Reacts to 26-21 Win over the Seattle Seahawks
2019-12-30 49ers Invasion Presented by Zenni in Seattle
2019-12-31 Winners of the West: 49ers Best Sideline Moments in Seattle
2019-12-31 49ers Linebackers and Tight Ends Host Special Holiday Events at Levi's® Stadium