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Hungry? Enjoy the Cuisine of Mexico City 

The cuisine of Mexico is one of the richest and most outstanding.

If you are lucky enough to take a tour of the nation's capital for the San Francisco 49ers matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, you'll surely want to stop at one of these places.

Be prepared to work up more of an appetite with this list of some of the most delicious restaurants in Mexico City:


The most important meal of the day, why not start with the most amazing menu of popular Mexican food at El Cardenal? Or how about a breathtaking view on the lake of Bosque de Chapultepec at Bistro Chapultepec?

If you are more into pastries, Rosetta will be your place of choice, while Ojo de Agua offers a healthy menu. If you are looking for a more elegant restaurant, San Angel Inn is certainly the spot for you, where you'll receive an equally wonderful meal.


Let's start with the tried and true, Parnita offers you some delicious tacos; Azul Histórico can delight you in the heart of the city. If you go a little further south, Mercado Roma offers a variety of restaurants and a wide range of food.

Want more tacos? Villamelón is a must-visit while in the capital. Closer to the south, Arrollo is a great option for traditional Mexican dishes.


Los Orinoco and El Vilsito are famous in documentaries and among partygoers for its extended hours.

La Casa de Toño has won the hearts of many with their star dish of pozole.

Coyoacán: La Coyoacana and Mercado del Carmen are traditional cantinas that also serve great meals.


We can't forget about dessert.

Roxy en La Condesa and Chiandonni reside in the south of Mexico City, offering the best ice cream in the capital. If you're in the mood for churros, be sure to visit El Moro.

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