What the 49ers and Bears Had to Say Following Week 8

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on What the Week 8 Win Told Him about the Team

Just the way they battled. Not everything went perfect. I would have liked us to have stopped them more on defense. But it was cool that we never punted, which we needed. When it came down to the end, the D got them to punt. And then their last series they got that pick, which iced it. Huge team win. We kept talking about whatever it took to win is what we had to do. We didn't care whether it was 2-0 or ended like that. I was just really proud of the guys.

Shanahan on the Offense's Performance in Chicago

I felt the whole offense was in a rhythm, which makes me in a rhythm when I'm calling plays. But it was just -- the guys made a ton of plays out there. They were able to make some key ones on third down. Thought it was a little frustrating at the beginning. We felt like we were moving and we kept getting in between that 30 and 40 and couldn't keep it going and finally we did that more in the second half, which was great.

Shanahan on Charlie Woerner's Performance against the Bears

Charlie we feel like he's been getting better and better. Him and Ross Dwelley are two dependable guys that we count on. And they serve roles when Kittle is out there. But not having George Kittle this last month, those guys have had to step it up. Charlie's been getting healthier. He's been battling some stuff throughout the year. But he's a really good blocker. And he's got the speed to help us in the pass game. He's taking advantage of his opportunities. The more he's got to play, especially today, I think I agree with you, I'll see on the plane, but think he played real well.

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on Getting into a Rhythm on Offense

The no huddle stuff we did. There was a number of things. Deebo Samuel really gave us that spark on that third down. That was a huge play in the game. But, yeah, just guys talking. It's hard to point to one thing in particular but guys talking on the sideline, feeling each other, just getting on the same page and rhythm, like you said. That's when we're at our best. Kyle was on fire today with the play calling. Just perfect storm type of thing.

Garoppolo on His First Rushing TD vs. the Bears

I thought when I got the ball in my hands. It happened -- we were late, the play clock, there was some motion, O-Line couldn't really hear right. So there was a lot going on there. I knew where the played was designed to go. I tried to give it to Deebo. I said, 'Go, go, go.' And we both kind of froze for a second. But it was plays like that today. I mean, not perfect but whatever it takes.

Garoppolo on What it Means to Win in His Hometown

It means a lot, you know. Every game does. But I don't know, coming back to your home town, city, just carries a little different feel to it. Really does. Landing at the airport, pulling into the city, all of it is just the familiarity. All of that good stuff is just, it's a special feeling. It's a good day.

49ers Linebacker Fred Warner on Defending Bears QB Justin Fields

You know, he kept them in the entire game. I think he ended with over 100 yards rushing just escaping the pocket and doing things was legs.

Warner on Elijah Mitchell's TD Run

Yeah, I was sitting on the bench watching it on the big screen. You can always kind of tell when a running back is kind of still running his feet and then guys get behind him and start pushing that, that might happen. It was a cool moment. Shows the resilience, the fight in everyone. We talked about that it was going to take everyone to win it, and by any means, and that was like the story of the game right there.

49ers Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel on Jimmy Garoppolo's Week 8 Performance

I'd just say from OTAs on, Jimmy has not changed. He's been the same every day, every week, every Sunday and it was just great for him to come out here in front of his home crowd and go out here and get a win and play very well.

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Bears Special Teams Coordinator Chris Tabor on Chicago's Defensive Performance

We didn't get the stops that we needed to, and there's no doubt about that. What did they score, seven-straight times or something like that, so you can't argue that fact. But in that room, I'm still going to jump in a foxhole with all those guys and we're going to work to get better. I know that's big coach-speak, but we're a team, we're a family, and we're hurting right now, but we've got to bounce back.

Tabor on the Team's Week 8 Loss

Obviously it was a game of two halves. I thought we played good football there in the first half and were doing the things that we wanted to do. But in the second half didn't get off the field when we needed to get off the field, and then you've got to score more touchdowns than you do field goals.

That was kind of the deal. We've got to regroup. We're not going to feel sorry for ourselves. No one is. But we're at the halfway point of the season. It's not the end of the season. It's the halfway point. There's still a lot of football. We'll stay the course and go and get better.

Bears Quarterback Justin Fields on What Adjustments the 49ers Defense Made at Halftime

I thought they played more two high in the second half. They tried to really keep everything in front of them, and definitely switching up the coverage a little bit. Yeah, I mean, that was the biggest thing. I think they pressured a little bit more in the second half and just showed us a little bit more two high defense.

Fields on the Bears Offensive Performance in Week 8

I think we did pretty good. I think we did a good job on third down, and I think an area to improve is just scoring touchdowns in the red zone instead of kicking field goals. But I thought our offense did a great job of keeping the drives going and executing on third down. I would say we did pretty good today.

Bears Defensive Tackle Akiem Hicks Assesses Justin Fields' Performance vs. the 49ers

He's elite. It's fun to watch. I remember a play where he made like a little spin move and then he took off for another 10 yards. Although it wasn't a crazy gain, it tells the defense, 'Man, you've got to really work on tackling this guy.' He made some elite throws. I saw him come across his body and hit somebody in the left corner. I enjoy watching him play, and I look forward to his growth.

Hicks on the Second Half Momentum Shift

Going into the half, we felt like we had the game under control. I think that when we came back out, we loosened up on some fundamental things, some techniques, some just overall playmaking. We let some of that slip, and they took advantage of it. Credit to them; they capitalized on our faults.