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What the 49ers and Seahawks Had to Say Following Week 14

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28-16 at Levi's® Stadium in Week 14. Here's what both teams had to say following the contest:

Niners Liners

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan on the team's second victory against the Seahawks:

"I though there were some things that were a little sloppy, just a little inconsistent throughout the day, but the guys made a ton of plays, got enough points, two turnovers the defense caused were huge. It wasn't perfect football by any means, but the only goal is to get a win, and we found a way to do it."

Shanahan on wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk surpassing 1,000 receiving yards on the season:

"Every year he gets so much better, on the football field and also off the football field, which leads to the football field in terms of how mature he is. He's one of our leaders in there. I think BA has come a long way. He gets so amped up for the game, and sometimes he won't get the ball for a little bit, and then, he gets it late. Sometimes it happens early, but with BA this year, it really doesn't matter with him. He's the same way down in and down out, and it carries over down in the run game and the pass game. With the type of football player that he is and how talented he is, you always feel that it's only a matter of time that he's going to get his 1,000 (receiving yards). He deserves it, and he's been great for us this year."

Quarterback Brock Purdy on the offense's playmakers:

"I'm a part of a special group. With any one of our guys, I can get the ball in their hands and they can go do the rest – break tackles, have break away speed, we see it every game. To throw a five-yard pass or a deep ball, it doesn't matter. We've got playmakers."

Linebacker Fred Warner on Deebo Samuel Sr.'s season so far:

"The level he's playing at right now is unbelievable, and we need it. He's such a big-time game changer and playmaker for us. Any time we have him out there on that field and the defense has to worry that he's liable to break one for 80 yards at any point, that's one more guy they've got to worry about on top of all the other weapons that we have. He's been doing an incredible job… I'm really happy for him."

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel Sr. on his improvement so far this season:

"Since coming back from injury, I can see the level of play just getting better week in and week out. I'm just taking it a day at a time to be the best me I can possibly be for the team."

Running back Christian McCaffrey on his opening-drive run:

"You never know (the play is going to break) until it does. You kind of just read it one gap at a time, trust the guys in front of you. That was amazing blocking. I have to score there. That was a great job by those guys up front all day. BA blocked downfield, 75 yards down the field again, which is becoming routine for him, so I appreciated that. That was a great job by all those guys up front."

Seahawks Quotes

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll on matching up against the 49ers:

"We just got big played by their guys on offense. They had a bunch of explosive plays, doing the things that they do. There was nothing new. The stuff that they did they executed well. Made some great throws when the guys were open down the field, they did a nice job of that. Just too many explosive plays to hold these guys in check. Gotta give them a lot of a credit, they're a good club."

Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock on falling to playing against San Francisco in Week 14:

"It was a blast being out there. I'm trying to balance the feeling of, 'Man I just finally played a game,' how good it feels to go out and play and then also not getting it done. It's interesting."

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