What the 49ers and Eagles Had to Say Following Week 2

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on Starting the Season 2-0

I'm so proud of the guys on that win. That was a grimy game. That was hard work and everything. I think we had about 300 yards of offense and I think every one was tough to earn. I think we rushed three and a half to four [yards] per carry but you have 38 runs. It shows how hard the guys are working. That's a whole team stat that I always look at. You have to play good on special teams, you have to play good on defense. You have to move the chains enough to keep getting 38 runs when you're not really getting the explosives that we're always hoping for. I was really pumped for the team there.

Shanahan on the Team's Injuries

Kevin Givens had ankle [injury] early on and never returned. Elijah Mitchell shoulder. He came back in at the very end there. JaMycal Hasty had an ankle. He never returned. And Trey Sermon had a concussion and never returned.

Shanahan on His Confidence Calling QB Sneaks for Jimmy Garoppolo

He gives me a lot of confidence in those. He's never been stopped on one. I think the only time he did was when he false-started. I think he was 11-for-11 before today. I've been around him long enough. Jimmy is really good at that stuff. He's real competitive. I mean, he made a hell of a play, I want to say it was 3rd-and-2 where we didn't get the guys open, and he ran around and ran to move the chains. I think there ended up being a penalty on them also on that play. But Jimmy is a football player.

Shanahan on the Differences Between Sunday's Win and Last Week's Win over Detroit

That's what you have to do to be a good football team. Each week is a totally different week and a totally different story in all three phases. To have that win that we were real proud of versus Detroit – I know those last two minutes, we weren't – to lose a couple guys and go spend the week away at the Greenbrier, I was just happy we fought together. You'd love for this one to be easier, but we found a way to get a really tough win. Going on these back-to-back road trips – I think we've won the last six of them – they're not easy. You go through some ups and downs and want to get home, but I'm really happy winning both of these two and we have to make sure we don't have a let up coming back [home] because we have done that a little bit in the past after being on the road twice. [We'll] remind the guys to get some rest these next two days, but we can't let up after that.

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the Offense Finding a Rhythm

I think the two 90-plus yard drives. That defense makes you earn it. Their front is as good as it gets. They get after you and make you earn every yard. It is just one of those bend-don't-break type of defenses. It was a good challenge for us. I thought some guys stepped up. O-line played great. The backs really stepped up and those guys were battling. The run game, check downs, and all the little things that they did goes a long way. Overall, it was a battle out there, but getting the W feels good.

Garoppolo on the Pressure of Converting Third and Fourth Downs with QB Sneaks

I think that's part of being a quarterback. You just have to want that in the moment. Usually it's more a two-minute type of thing as a quarterback. But whether it's a quarterback sneak or a two-minute drive at the end of the game, I want my number called. I know the guys are in it with me. In the huddle there at the end, it was a pretty cool moment, just looking each other in the eyes. We did it three times prior to that, and when you get the opportunity to close it out, it makes for a good ride home.

Garoppolo on How His Chemistry with Kyle Shanahan Informs the Play Calls

That's kind of just where me and Kyle (Shanahan) have been in this thing together for a little while now. It's kind of 'I know what he's thinking' type of thing. We're both good in situational football like that, and it makes for an easy transition. Some of it is being communicated, some of it isn't. I kind of knew what he was going for in terms of the play calling and what he calls in. At the same time, I was thinking about the timeouts and stuff, too. I know he controls it, but when we're meshing like that and it's situational football, we do a good job with that. When we're on the same page, it makes us tough to beat, and that was a good little sample of that at the end of the two-minute there.

49ers Tight End George Kittle on if the Team Can Use This Game as a Steppingstone to a Big Season

Anytime you're on the road for 10 days, it's a lot on guys mentally and physically. You're not in your routine, you're not in your home place, your own practice facility, your own meeting room and things like that. So you get a little bit out of your routine and it's just on our coaching staff, on our trainers, our strength coaches and on these players to be able to stay in that routine and be able to stay focused 10 days away. You're in a resort in West Virginia and you're just away from your families and away from your routines. To be able to come into Philly against a team that has a fantastic defense and a lot of weapons on offense and to grind it out in a grimy, dirty game, you have to have wins like that under your belt if you expect to have a good season.

Kittle on Why He Likes Running QB Sneaks

Oh I love quarterback sneaks. That's awesome. For two reasons: one - I can't really mess the play up, that's awesome for me. Two - it's a testament to Jimmy and his toughness and then those guys on the inside Alex Mack, Laken Tomlinson and Daniel Brunskill just being able to be physical to get that one yard, two yards and get those touchdowns is just awesome. When Jimmy is running the football, I like it too because he gets sore after the game and finally understands what it's like to be sore. It's not, 'Oh my shoulder is sore because I threw the ball so much'. No, he got hit and tackled. So I'm glad that he's a little sore this week and he gets to feel what it feels like to be an actual football player.

Defensive Lineman Nick Bosa on His Performance in Week 2

Definitely better. I thought I rushed better. I think every week will get better. Just getting used to the flow of the game, settings things up, just being smart with my rushes and not showing everything too early. I'm definitely happier with my day of rushing.

Bosa on How Much of a Boost Starting 2-0 Gives to the Team

It's huge. It's games like this where you find a way and you get a win before you head back home on an away trip. That's what propels you to a great season I think. And hopefully that's the case, and we're going to keep on working.

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Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni on His Message to the Team Following the Game

You know what, very similar to after the win, is that round three is coming up and round three -- the bell is going to ring for round three, regardless of if we won or we lost. We have to put ourselves in position to win round three by correcting this tape hard, by rehabbing hard and by meeting hard and walking through hard and by practicing hard to put ourselves in position to try to win next week in a division game.

So obviously there's disappointment. We didn't win the game. That's the only goal and don't care how you ever win it. You just want to win the game. So it was, 'Hey, learn from this, get up, pick yourself up and get back to work for next week.'

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts on the Biggest Thing He Learned from the Week 2 Loss

I think the lack of consistency and finish. The biggest thing is just finish, finish, finish. We got two games under our belt now, and on the tape we see what we finish and what we didn't finish. This game, we didn't finish more than we did. We have to capitalize on those opportunities moving forward and learn from this feeling.

Eagles Defensive Tackle Fletcher Cox on the Defense's Performance

I think, as a defense, we played good but, obviously, we didn't play good enough to win. You can take some good and bad from what just happened in this game today. You learn from the good – I mean you learn from the bad and even from the good stuff, the good plays we made today. You just learn from it. You go out and practice, correct the wrong and get ready for the next game.

Cox on Leaving the Field Immediately After the Game

Normally, win, lose or draw, I normally run off the field. Sometimes, I will stay and chat around, but there's nothing to talk about. We just got our teeth kicked in.