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What the 49ers Had to Say Following SF's 'MNF' Victory

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Los Angeles Rams 24-9 in primetime at Levi's® Stadium for "Monday Night Football." Here's what the team had to say following the Week 4 divisional matchup:

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on the team's performance:

"I was real happy overall with our whole team. It was a cool way to win. We knew it would be a battle to keep them out of the end zone. I thought our special teams played well... Talanoa Hufanga got that pick-six and got us right back. It's cool to overcome a lot of things and have a big victory."

Shanahan on winning a divisional game:

"Each game's different and that was a big one. Obviously, it still counts the same but anytime you win one in your division, coming off how we were last week, we needed to play good and I thought we did. It wasn't perfect at all, but definitely played better."

Shanahan on defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans' play calling against the Rams:

"I thought DeMeco did a hell of a job mixing it up. I mean you can't stick with one thing versus a team like that, versus a quarterback like that and he mixed it up throughout the game."

Shanahan on how he expected the "Monday Night Football" contest to play out:

"We knew it would be a challenge. I mean, that's how it was last year in the championship game. They really got some guys that are tough to block... They're real tough to run the ball against, but we had some big plays today which I think was the difference."

Safety Talanoa Hufanga on his pick-six:

"We were just man coverage, locked up with the tight end. They were just running screens all night, I saw a different release than I'm used to, so instead of following my man I turned my head and the ball kind of dropped in my face. I'm not gonna lie, I thought Stafford was going to catch me. My 40 time doesn't help when it comes to that. I'm grateful to have gone out there with my guys and have fun."

Linebacker Fred Warner on Hufanga's pick-six:

"Huf, of all people to get that, he deserves it man, he's been playing out of his mind. That was a huge, big-time play in a big time moment."

Warner on the 49ers defense forcing turnovers:

"That was the difference. It was a tight game all the way through. We had played decent defense and held them out of the end zone but we knew that in order to take it and to win the game we had to get the ball and we did."

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel Sr. on his 57-yard touchdown catch-and-run:

"My mentality, it's just me and the ball out there. What happened after that is something that I work on all the time and I got in the box."

Samuel on breaking tackles:

"Every time I get the chance to get the ball in my hands, it's just my mentality of trying to make it a big play, but it's just second nature to me right now... When I go out there it's just me and the ball. Breaking tackles is just something I do all the time."

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on Samuel's play-making abilities:

"You almost know Deebo's going to have one or two of those in a game. You don't want to bank on it, but you almost can."

Garoppolo on San Francisco securing it's second win:

"When you go through a tough week, it makes this feel a lot better at the end. We've been in this situation before – it's a rollercoaster season, you've just got to ride the highs and lows and try to stay in the middle as much as you can, that's how you find success in the end."

Defensive lineman Nick Bosa on the 49ers defense:

"I think it's best in the league. It's our mindset every year and this year we have the personnel to do it. All three levels are just elite players."

Bosa on securing a win before a series of away games:

"We really wanted this one. We're going on an away trip for a couple weeks... It would've been a lot tougher if we weren't 2-2."

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