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What the 49ers and Jaguars Had to Say Following Week 10

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 34-3 at EverBank Stadium in Week 10. Here's what both teams had to say following the contest:

Niners Liners

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan on what impressed him most in Sunday's contest vs. Jacksonville:

"Just how we overcame a bunch of stuff. I didn't think we played perfect ball by any means, which you never do… I was just happy that the mistakes that we did make, we always overcame."

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy on the value of the team's Week 10 win:

"It's huge... Honestly we've taken every single game very seriously, we come to work, we've never gotten complacent. There's some things that haven't gone our way, a couple plays in the last couple games. But for this one, we came with the right mindset of our back is against the wall in a sense and let's play hungry again. I think that was the mindset, but overall we're just trying to play 49ers football."

49ers defensive lineman Nick Bosa on how he feels after defeating the Jaguars:

"It was a really good team win. Complementary ball all around. A good reset for us to keep going."

Bosa on Chase Young joining the 49ers defensive front:

"Having him is such a big threat. I think we play off of each other well, him and I are really excited to keep going."

49ers defensive lineman Arik Armstead on the defense's performance in Week 10:

"When we start out early, it could turn into one of those special days for you up front. We definitely had a good day up front, but we've got a lot more to go. We can continue to get better... It was a great feeling to get a win. I haven't felt that in a while, and it was great to play well."

49ers running back Christian McCaffrey on his takeaway from #SFvsJAX:

"What I liked was that it wasn't perfect, but we just stayed with it. We kept going and the defense came up with a bunch of huge turnovers and offensively we've got a lot of things that we can still get better at which is exciting. I think we've learned our lesson these last three weeks. We have to play good ball every week, we have to execute, we have to minimize mistakes and go out there and do what we do."

49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel on re-joining the team to secure a win in Week 10:

"It felt good. Being a month away and not getting those wins that we were supposed to get was hard. To come back here and see we went in on all phases to come out with a big win."

49ers linebacker Fred Warner on the team bouncing back vs. Jacksonville:

"Obviously, we had three games that just wasn't us. We had to get back to playing 49ers football, especially on the defensive side. I've spoken on it, we had to take pride in what we were putting on tape and today I felt like we did that."

49ers tackle Trent Williams on blocking for San Francisco's run game:

"I just run as hard as I can... Especially if I'm out front. I can tell when the ball carrier is behind me, I just try to run and apply pressure on whoever the defender is and hopefully run him back and make him miss. It was kind of weird, 31 (Jaguars CB Darious Williams) turned around and ran, I've never seen that. I knew (Deebo Samuel) was close because I could tell by the reaction of the guy in front of me. But I feel so confident with 23 and 19 (Christian McCaffrey and Samuel) out there in the open field, so I've just got to get in the way long enough for them to make a decision. Once 19 gets some steam, it's really tough to bring him down."

Williams on the confidence that a win against the Jaguars brings the team:

"It was huge... Coming out, getting this win on the road against a really good team that's been rolling. A really good defense, really good players all around the field, to come out here and get a good one, it's definitely what we needed."

49ers tight end George Kittle on getting a touchdown in Jacksonville:

"It's a fun day when all the skill positions score, unfortunately not Christian, but when the tight end and the fullback score, that's great football."

Jaguars Quotes

Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson on facing San Francisco in Week 10:

"That's a good football team... They know what they're doing and they did it well today. For us, we're still trying to get there. I told the team, 'We haven't done anything here,' and we're trying to be like that. We're trying to have that consistency."

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence on his performance against the 49ers defense:

"You've got to feel the pain and embarrassment of today. That's what it is, it's terrible. One of the worst games I've probably played in my career. I feel that, and I take responsibility for that. We couldn't do anything right today. But, you've got to flush it too."

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