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Off the Field: Fred Warner Wins in Christian McCaffrey's 'Madden' Charity Tournament 🎮

San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey hosted his foundation's first-ever live Madden tournament over the weekend, an online competition between NFL stars named the Logan Bowl.

The charity tournament supported the Logan Project, a campaign kickstarted by McCaffrey that raises funds for specialized gaming consoles to be provided to children's hospitals across the country. Additionally, the program connects kids with athletes they admire.

The 49ers running back created the Logan Project in honor of Logan Hale, a 13 year-old McCaffrey superfan who passed away due to cancer in December of 2021.

"I first heard about Logan from a friend of mine who works with the NFL," McCaffrey said. "He sent a message to my agent and said, 'There's a boy who's a big Christian McCaffrey fan and he's battling cancer. Is there anything you guys can do?' We had followed up and it turned out Logan had passed away. My agent called and said, 'He was buried in your jersey.' That hit me like a ton of bricks, that a kid was that much of a fan."

While Hale was battling cancer, his dream was to create his own foundation that connected children who were in similar circumstances as he was through gaming.

"Spending so much time at the hospital, bed-ridden, was truly hard for him," Hale's mother, Kristina Bylko Hale said. "But, what was harder was the isolation that you get from bring in a hospital bed. We had brought a video game station for him to use and it completely changed his world. He was able to talk to all his friends through video games.

"If he was still here, he would be trying to get those game stations himself to as many people as he could, because he really understood what isolation is like in a hospital."

McCaffrey's foundation is now dedicated to bringing Logan's dream to life through the creation of the Logan Project and events such as the Logan Bowl.

Los Angeles Chargers safety Derwin James and running back Austin Ekeler, Carolina Panthers defensive lineman Brian Burns, Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook, New York Jets defensive tackle Solomon Thomas, Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker, New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley and 49ers linebacker Fred Warner all participated in the Madden tournament.

Gameplay was broadcast live on Twitch and the online event was hosted by McCaffrey, former tight end and sportscaster Greg Olsen and professional Madden player Chris "Dubby" McFarland.

"To play a game of Madden with your friend for an hour in the day while you're going through one of the most traumatic things a kid could go through, that's a little spark in a rough patch in somebody's life," McCaffrey said. "(Logan) is a kid who didn't put limitations on himself, even though he was going through one of the most difficult things a human being, let a lone a kid, could go through. He maintained a positive attitude and he still saw a need in the world to make a difference in other kids lives. It's amazing how a kid that young could leave such an imprint on the world.

I can guarantee that I am a much bigger fan of his than he was of me. I'm very thankful for this opportunity to continue to live out his legacy."

The Logan Bowl garnered over 370,000 live viewers on Twitch and raised over $100,000 for the Logan Project. McCaffrey's teammate, Warner, went on to win the inaugural Logan Bowl and earned the first McCaffrey Foundation trophy in honor of Hale.

"This was a huge win for me," Warner said. "To start the inaugural Christian McCaffrey Madden tournament trophy and put my name right on the middle of it. I'll come back next year and I'll put my name on it again."

Go behind the scenes with RB Christian McCaffrey and LB Fred Warner in a "Madden 23" charity tournament supporting the Logan Project.

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