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Morning Report: Get to the Know the 49ers Coaching Staff

Good Morning Faithful,

Here are your top 49ers storylines for Thursday, June 23.

New and Notable

2022 Training Camp Preview: Coaches

As the 2021 season concluded, head coach Kyle Shanahan looked forward to taking a break from football before diving back in for the 2022 NFL Combine and Draft. However, his plans changed in a matter of days once members of his coaching staff went on to pursue different opportunities.

"When the season ends, all you want to do is get away for a little bit and just check out, that's what I thought I was going to be able to do," Shanahan said. "About four days into it, guys were just leaving left and right ... when it's all set and done, it's an opportunity to get better. Change isn't always needed or always wanted, but when you do it, it's a chance to get better."

During the offseason, Shanahan was tasked with rebuilding almost the entirety of his offensive coaching staff.

"It's a testament to Kyle and his leadership that people want to keep coming and poach our coaches," general manager John Lynch said. "People really want to be here. It's hard because you want to find the right people, but we got a lot of candidates who want to be apart of what we've got going on."

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Mandatory Minicamp Showcases Growth in Young 49ers Talent

The San Francisco 49ers squad reunited for the first time for mandatory minicamp practices that took place June 7-8. As the team hit the field at the SAP Performance Facility, many coaches and veteran players noticed a great amount of growth and confidence in young players and rookies while they prepared for training camp.

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George Kittle and Tight Ends Across the League Fundraise for Boys and Girls Clubs

Tight End University is back for 2022 and George Kittle, former NFL tight end Greg Olsen and Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce are hosting the event for the second year in a row.

This year, TEU is scheduled for June 22-24 and 49ers tight ends Troy FumagalliTanner HudsonTyler KroftJordan Matthews and Charlie Woerner will also be in attendance.

In addition to the friendly competition that will happen on the field, Bridgestone has partnered with Tight End University for an online fundraising competition that benefits Boys & Girls Clubs across America. Kittle will be representing the Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula in honor of his team's region.

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