What are the Ravens Saying About the 49ers ahead of the Marquee Matchup?

Week 13 features a showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the AFC North-leading Baltimore Ravens. Here's what the Ravens locker room had to say ahead of Sunday's marquee match against the 49ers.

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh on the 49ers defensive front:

"A lot of high (draft) picks. They earned those picks. They're top five picks, and they did a really good job. I give them a lot of credit. They decided that they were going to build a great defensive front with those picks they had, and they did it. And they all panned out. They're all good players. And not just them, they added Sheldon Day. He's another one. He's come in and played at the same kind of level, so they're all playing well. Obviously, their coaching staff has done a great job. It's very clear what they try to do, philosophy-wise, on defense, how they want to play, their style. (It's a) very hard-playing defense, very physical defense. They run to the ball really well. It's just a talented group, and they're playing the kind of football that you respect on defense."

Harbaugh on if the 49ers defense is rare because they can get to the quarterback without blitzing:

"Yes, they are. That's how they do it. I'd say it's a front-to-back-built defense, and they have a good secondary, too. And they have some young linebackers they really hit on. Here are three linebackers – one linebacker Fred Warner was drafted in the third round that most people didn't have as a draft-pick guy, and look at him. He's playing great, and the two other guys are free agents. And they're sideline-to-sideline guys who can play behind those big guys. It's kind of a perfect fit. So yes, I'd say that's rare."

CB Marlon Humphrey on the matchup against the 49ers:

"Big matchup. Their resume speaks for itself. They've definitely been going through teams pretty easily, and they have a really good defense and a really good offense. I think it will be a good game."

Humphrey on if they're concerned with both 49ers rushing and passing attack:

"Yes, you definitely have to look out for both in any game. Teams throw and pass the ball, so nothing is really going to change, as far as the approach."

Humphrey on what he's seen from the 49ers offense:

"What makes them so unique is they're able to be very successful with putting a fullback in the game. Usually, when they throw the ball, they're very confident in their receivers to get open. You know you're going to have to play single-high. You won't be able to play split-safety because of how much they run the ball, and I think the game will really be won with the run game and the one-on-one passing attack. They've run the ball so successfully. There's only so much you can limit them running the ball. But when that can't be their go-to, you really have to be good on the outside with the corners. So, me and the secondary need to be on our game and stop their guys."

QB Lamar Jackson on what he's seen from the 49ers defense:

"Speed – all 11 to the ball, that popped out on the screen, and their front four is dangerous. They've been No. 1 in almost all aspects, statistical-wise, and it shows on film."

Jackson on if he needs to change anything when he plays an athletic front like the 49ers:

"No, just like you said, 'sharp as possible in our execution.' Just this past Monday, we played a very athletic defensive line, front four. Can't take anything away from them. So, we just have to move on, and, like you said, just keep executing and doing what we do."

Defensive coordinator Don Martindale on how the Ravens are preparing for Kyle Juszczyk:

"Just how versatile 'Juice' is and the run game. You can get all kinds of different runs with it. They do a great job of scheming up runs, and that's going to be a great challenge for us."

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman on 49ers defensive lineman Nick Bosa:

"Nick Bosa has made a huge impact, and when you watch the tape, he is extremely disruptive. Their defensive line is taught in a style that is very aggressive, and he certainly fits that bill. He is an excellent player, run and pass, and he's quite productive. The guy has a motor that goes and goes and goes. He's a buzzsaw. You turn on the tape and watch a couple of plays, you pretty much have him figured out. He's a handful."