What They Said: 49ers, Ravens Recap 'Heavyweight' Week 13 Battle

The San Francisco 49ers fell to the Baltimore Ravens in a back-and-forth affair, 20-17, in Week 13. See what both locker rooms had to say after the clash of two of the top teams in the NFL.

Niners Liners

Kyle Shanahan on the 49ers fourth down play call in the fourth quarter:

"Just because of what the Ravens defense does in that situation. The same reason we did it early on. They've got too many people in there that you can't block. I didn't mind the decision at all of not running, but I wish I had called a better pass play."

Shanahan on how the 49ers played overall in Week 13:

"I was real proud of the team. They played extremely hard all three phases. We definitely played against a real good team, but I was real happy with how the guys played. We had every chance to win the game, and we came up a little bit short at the end. Credit to them. Hopefully, we'll earn an opportunity to get a chance to play them some other time."

Shanahan's message to the team postgame:

"Basically, what I told you guys. I'm real proud with how they fought. Our guys impress me every week with what they do. We had a lot of chances to win that game, but we came up short. It's no one's fault. Everyone did all they could. I'm excited about our team. Excited to go away for a week. We're going to stay in Florida and get ready for New Orleans (Saints). I know our guys fought hard. I wish the game was still going on. It didn't end the way we wanted, but we're excited to get on the plane and spend the week together and get this turned around."

Shanahan on Raheem Mostert's performance against the Ravens:

"I thought he was running great once he got in there. I saw a few of the runs he made. He was pressing it real well."

TE George Kittle on the loss to the Ravens:

"I mean, losing is never fun. We play to win the game. I had a great time out there playing football though. It was awesome. We ran the ball a lot. I had a lot of good blocks with the tackles and 'Juice' (fullback Kyle Juszczyk). Our run game looked good. Unfortunately, we just didn't do enough to get it done."

Kittle on the spark Mostert brought to the offense:

"He's really fast. So, yes, he's a heck of a football player. He did plus-140 (yards), right? Yeah, that's pretty impressive. He was fantastic. And a lot of that is just our O-line. Tight ends and fullback did a really good job, especially our wide receivers on the outside. I thought they did a really good job of blocking the whole day. Raheem was fantastic today."

WR Deebo Samuel on his touchdown:

"I had a double move, which we had scripted for man coverage, but they fell into a zone. I just saw the ball in the air. I didn't worry about the defender and went and attacked the ball. It's our job to see the ball with our eyes and our hands. So, I just followed the ball all the way in."

S Marcell Harris on his forced fumble of Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson:

"Honestly, I was just doing my job. My name got called, and I just went in to set the edge on (Mark Andrews). I saw Lamar coming. So, I tried to stay outside. When he went back inside, I was able to get my hand on the ball and rip that thing out. I kept my hands on (Mark Andrews) and not my shoulders so I could read Lamar to see if he was going to go inside or outside. By me keeping the edge, he went inside, and I got my hand on the ball."

RB Raheem Mostert on his mindset following the loss:

"Absolutely, they are an AFC opponent. They have done a great job this year winning games and doing their part. Our offense was beating ourselves. It is not like they were beating us down. We were beating ourselves, and those penalties start to add up and get us out of field position. We just have to keep our heads up. You can see after the Seattle game we only lost by three points and this game we only lost by three points."

Mostert on the encouragement of a close loss against a top opponent:

"Absolutely, we believe in ourselves, even when people outside the locker room don't really believe in us and call us pretenders. We stick with what we got, and what we know we got, this locker room and this coaching staff. We know they are going to bring the best out of us. We want the best out of ourselves. We take it each day and we try to improve on the little things. We want to get to the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl, that's our main goal."

CB Richard Sherman on the lessons the team can take from the close loss:

"Well, it all came down to the last play. Teams are going to have a hard down on us. There is never an easy game, it will always come down to the last play, last possession. We gave ourselves the chance, that's all you can do, give ourselves the chance to win, and we did that on both sides of the ball. We just didn't make enough plays."

Sherman on what separates Lamar Jackson as a quarterback:

"He is a good decision maker. He knows angles, he knows leverage, he knows when to get down, he knows when to stay up, he knows when to cut back, he knows when to keep it, he knows when to bounce outside. He takes what the defense gives him. He doesn't waste time taking shots down field, he takes what the defense gives him. He played a good game."

QB Jimmy Garoppolo on what he can learn from the team's losses this season:

"We are going to face adversity sometimes. I think guys responded well today. We need to make more plays in crucial situations, and that is what separates a lot of these games, a couple plays here and there."

Garoppolo on what the 49ers proved in Week 13:

"It was a good challenge today. They are a good team, Baltimore, they definitely are. We just have room for improvement. Plenty of things we can do better. Whoever it is, wherever it's at, we are going to line it up."

Garoppolo on the performances of Mostert and the 49ers offensive line:

"They were battling up front, not just the O-line, the tight ends, Juszczyk and the receivers. Raheem ran great, all of the backs, it was a good effort and everything, we just have to make a few more plays."

DL DeForest Buckner on how the defense handled Lamar Jackson:

"We made some adjustments during the game, trying to contain them more. Overall, I am proud of the guys. We played our tails off, just came up short. We have to focus on the little details in the beginning of the game. I feel like we did a better job in the second half. On that last drive, you have to make that play and get off the field."

LB Fred Warner on the lessons he learned from Week 13:

"I've learned that we have a great team. It just comes down to us making those small plays in the clutch time. It could be plays made early in the game. That makes a difference. We've got to be cleaner. I feel like we just have to be better from the get-go, including myself. Silly mistakes happen. Once we got in the groove, I think you saw us settle down, but we've got to be better. We're not going to hang our heads, we're all competitors at the same time. We're not going to take any moral victories. We didn't win the game. We know we've got to be better; we'll be better."

DB Jimmie Ward on the defense's performance against the Ravens:

"We gave it our all. They ended up making a few more plays and came out with the win. They ended up putting some points up in the first half. Second half, I feel like we tightened it up, and it was a close game."

Ravens Quotes

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh recaps the game:

Just a great win. (The 49ers are) a very good football team that we played against. They played a very good game. They had a plan. It was obvious what the plan was, all three phases, and it was a gritty game. It's a grit win for us, all three phases, definitely a team win. All three phases contributed really well, right from beginning to end, and we found a way to win the game. I'm proud of the guys for that, and now we move on to the next one."

Harbaugh on the way his defense played late in the game, especially the fourth down stop:

"It was a great play. 'Worm' (DE Chris Wormley) did a great job. I tell you what, this kid, this kid works so hard, just every single day. He's a very serious guy. To make that play, and to see that reward is really good. And then the coverage, OK, we're in man coverage back there. Our guys were locked in, and they were on point. S Earl Thomas had a real tough matchup there with the route they ran, and he got dialed in, and he forced Jimmy (Garoppolo) to hold it just a little bit. So, it was a team effort on that one, too."

Harbaugh on the value of grinding out the win:

"It is really valuable. That's a great point. To win a game like that is really valuable. We expect – as Lamar (Jackson) said – we expect every game to be just like that. And sometimes they're not, but the ones that count, and the ones that are, you have to be ready for. Our guys approached the week of work just that way, and they were ready for it."

K Justin Tucker on if he lives for game-winning kicks:

"Absolutely. I think we all do. I think this whole team is living in the moment for these moments, and it's a really special group. I'm just happy to be a part of it. I'm blessed. We just broke down in there, and the message was 'trust yourself, trust your teammates and trust God.' That's what this team is doing right now, and it's really cool to see."

QB Lamar Jackson on how important it was to win a tight game like this:

"This is the NFL, so each and every game, you're going to go in prepared, ready for a dog fight. This one here, it was a dog fight that came down to fourth down (and a) field goal. We were ready, but at the same time, you've got to get ready each and every game because you don't know what (will) happen."

Jackson on his faith in Tucker kicking the game-winning kick:

"(He's) got that golden leg. I've got all the faith in him. I'm on the sideline praying, but at the same time, I'm like, 'I know Tuck can do it.' He (does) it all day in practice. He just walks around play-kicking field goals, 65-yarders, so I've got all the faith in him."

RB Mark Ingram on the 49ers:

"They're a great team – well-coached, physical, and they run the ball (well) and a solid defense. They're a great team in the league, and this was a great win for us. It wasn't pretty, but we were able to gut it out, and that's what great teams do."

Ingram on if this game felt like a playoff game:

"It definitely was a playoff atmosphere today. Cold, wet, physical football against a top team in the NFC. We went toe to toe in a heavyweight battle, and we were able to somehow pull it out. Big, huge testament to our team, getting a victory and overcoming adversity against a great team."

TE Mark Andrews on pulling out the close win:

"This was a really fun game. Two great teams going at it – well-fought. But at the end of the day, we played sound, efficient football. Defense, offense, special teams, this was a great team win, and that's encouraging moving forward."

DT Brandon Williams on the 49ers:

"They're a good team. They had a good scheme. Their offense did some good things, and they got real schemed up for us. We just have to look back at the tape, go over what we need to learn, and keep moving forward."

DE Chris Wormley on his deflection on the fourth down stop:

"They were on the verge of kicking a field goal. It was just my time, I guess, to block the pass. I got a hand up in the throwing lane, and I made the play for the team."