What the 49ers and Packers Had to Say Following Week 3

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on His Message to the Team at Halftime

Just that we had to play a lot better than we were. I was pumped up to have the special teams kind of change that. It got us going a little bit, scoring right there before the end of the half. Then I knew offense had a chance to start with the ball. So, it was just big on them to go out and set the tone and go down and get a score to get this game back in reach. And they did that to start.

Shanahan on the Team's Performance Overall in Week 3

I think we've got to play a lot better than we did. Just some of the mistakes that we made, especially early in the game in the first half, especially on third down with some critical situations. I think what you guys saw there at the end, just getting back into the game shows some of the players we have on our team. I thought there were some great individual efforts of guys just making unbelievable plays that got us in and gave us a chance to win that game. But some mistakes that we made throughout the game, you don't win a lot of football doing that and that's what we've got to clean up.

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the Offense's Slow Start in the First Half

We were talking in the locker room, some of the guys, it's a good character builder, this one. We've got to take a long, long look in the mirror as an offense and just what we could do better, how we could start faster. There was just one mistake here, one mistake there by guys, starting with myself, and if we eliminate just half of those, it'll lead to better football early. And we won't have to play from behind the eight ball like we were tonight.

Garoppolo on His Interception by Packers CB Jaire Alexander

I'd have to see it again. It looked like from the replay, he made a hell of a play. He was the backside corner on that. It's not his responsibility at all. The ball felt good coming off my hand. I didn't really get to see it. I got hit, but you know, it was nice play by that guy.

49ers Quarterback Trey Lance on His First-Career Rushing Score

It feels good, obviously, playing behind Trent Williams and that whole entire offensive line. They made it really, really easy. So obviously it was a lot of fun to get in the end zone at a time that we needed it.

Lance on What He Can Learn from Jimmy Garoppolo and Other 49ers Veterans

Jimmy's a super resilient dude and he showed that today. He fought through a lot. And I thought he played really, really well. And then obviously we have a lot of guys on our team that made really big plays to keep us in that game. So it's fun, like I said, to be able to be a part of it. Just me right now, just embracing my role and learning as much as I can from Jimmy, because he's a great dude, great human being and obviously a great football player.

49ers Wide Receiver Brandon Aiyuk on How the Team Will Process the "Sunday Night Football" Loss

Going back to work just like just like we will this week, watch it for the next 24 hours, look at the tape and then flush it and move on. Try to get better. That is the only thing you can do - move on and get better.

Aiyuk on His Mindset Heading into Week 3

I think going into the game, every game, I know what my assignment is and what I have to do. I feel like it was no different than any other week just going into the game and worrying about what I can control and nothing different from that.

49ers Tight End George Kittle on the Offense's Struggle to Get the Run Game Going

They were loading the box. Did all they could do to take away our double teams. They had set up the defense to let us get our double team, but then they're setting the edge with two guys, so there's not really much you can do there. I trust in coach Shanahan and (offensive coordinator) Mike McDaniel, they'll get after that and they'll figure out a way to avoid that next time. Because I'm assuming a lot of defenses are going to try to do that because they did a good job of eliminating our outside zone.

Kittle on Deebo Samuel's Performance in Week 3

Deebo brings Deebo to the offense. Physical wide receiver. Give him the ball anyway and he's going to do everything he can to get YAC, be violent, be physical. I love playing alongside of him. I think Deebo has grown. He's not just out there running. No, he's added to his route tree. He can run a lot of different routes. He's doing a great job of attacking the ball. That last third down he caught was a hell of a play. And you've got to have guys make plays like that if you want to be in these games. "Sunday Night Football" against a really good opponent. So, proud of the wide receivers, proud of the whole team, really. Just came up short.

Defensive Lineman Nick Bosa on How the Team Will Regroup for Week 4

It's tough but it is Week 3. There is a lot more football and if we want to go where we want to go then we are going to have to shake it off quick.

Bosa on How the Packers Offense Adjusted Their Gameplan

They tried to rely on their players in 2019 and this game they definitely kept some guys in, doubled most of the game and chipped a lot. I think that they definitely didn't want it to go like it did in 2019. They made adjustments and didn't give us as many opportunities but we did have opportunities, we just didn't capitalize.

49ers Linebacker Fred Warner on the Defense's Mindset Knowing They Left Plays on the Field

We look at it hard. We talk about a 24-hour rule. You have to really look at yourself hard and see how you could have done better. That is exactly what I am going to do because at the end of the day, I need to make plays for this team especially in those moments. I have to look at myself hard. I have to take it on the chin every time. If you want to point fingers at anyone, point them at me. I don't have any problems with it. I know that I am built for it and I know that I am going to be better.

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Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur's Opening Statement

Wow, what a game. That's one I'll never forget. I'll tell you what, I was just so proud of our guys, the effort. It seemed like we overcame a lot of things, a lot of injuries. Give the Niners credit, what an atmosphere. It was great to be back at the stadium with a lot of fans. And I think it was, it was a pretty entertaining game, but just really proud of our guys' effort. I thought they battled. I thought they showed a lot of toughness and just the resiliency that we look for and so, I'm just really proud of everybody in that locker room.

49ers QB Aaron Rodgers on His Connection to the Bay Area

I just have a love for this area and a lot of respect and appreciation for my time here, going to Cal. I'm still pretty close to the program. (Cal head coach) Justin Wilcox and I actually exchanged texts this morning. I love the area and still have a lot of friends in the area so it's always fun coming back. Hasn't been fun two of the previous three but this one is pretty sweet.

Rodgers on the Packers Game Plan to Manage Nick Bosa

If we weren't going to get the ball out quickly, we were going to put a body on him. A lot of times chipping him and bumping him with a tight end, running back, which is what you've got to do against a pass rusher like that. Arik Armstead is like that too. We weren't going to let those guys just rear back and get after us. I think in '19 we had too many one on ones. Going back and looking at those games and thinking about what didn't allow us to be productive, a lot of it was we needed to drop back, buy a step, and break some tackles.

Packers Kicker Mason Crosby on His Mindset When Kyle Shanahan Called a Timeout Before his Game-winning Field Goal

You know, it is part of the deal and you kind of practice it. So in that situation, he called it early so we would have been kind of pushing it to try and get a rep there as well. I think that's probably the best way to do it, that way I don't get a practice swing at it. I just go and reset and do normal operation and come back in.