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Player Feature: Jaylon Moore

OL Jaylon Moore

Golden Nuggets

  • With the No. 155 Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers Select Jaylon Moore, Tackle, Western Michigan.
  • Gained 25 pounds his senior season at Consortium College Prep (Detroit, MI) to transition from tight end to the offensive line. Under then-head coach P.J. Fleck, he made the transition to offensive line his senior year, leaving his impression on Fleck as a "hidden gem."
  • Michigan football is in his family, as cousin Timothy Ford was a member of the Siena Heights University football program.
  • Majored in finance at Western Michigan.
  • Appeared in 36 games (26 starts) in five years (2016-20) at Western Michigan.

Read more about Jaylon Moore by clicking his bio below.

Coach's Corner:

This month's "Coach's Corner" comes from 49ers Offensive Coordinator, Mike McDaniel.


So you got the new title. What does that mean? Have your duties changed at all and what's been your priority focus this off-season? Any projects out there for you?

"Well what it means, I would say, is it's an honor and privilege, really. Just to be the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator, in particular, the offensive coordinator for [head coach] Kyle Shanahan. What does that mean in terms of my day-to-day job responsibilities? It's funny because I get that question a lot and I understand why, but it's really not that different. It's kind of a natural evolution. I've been with Kyle Shanahan, this is probably my 14th year. And in that, I started out as a receiver. I was in the quarterback room in Houston with them. I've been in every single position group. And being receiver coach in Washington and Cleveland, working with them in Atlanta. I've been very connected to the pass game. So, it's not, it's really business as usual. It's a very collaborative situation that Kyle Shanahan really creates on his coaching staff. And in that process, you have a voice and you're part of all different phases. So now, maybe I lead some collaboration among the coaching staff a little bit more, but it's really not that different, to be honest. Just one of those natural progressions that we are used to year in and year out with coach Shanahan."

Shanahan is known as an elite world-class play caller. So, I'm just wondering during game days, is he open to like, 'Hey Kyle, we should run this. Hey, think about this, Kyle.' Or is it just like, that's his job do not bother him? And, regardless of that, will you have any more freedom with your new title to say, 'Hey Kyle, think about this,'?

"Glad you asked that question because one of the things that I think Kyle isn't totally known for and should be is, he is about as collaborative of a coach as you can possibly have. He is not thinking of, 'Hey, I want to do X, Y, or Z,' without it being the best thing. And, so he hires people that he trusts and he values their opinion. And, on game day he has an unbelievable ability to do two things at once. To have a narrative in his head, but then also accept whatever input from the coaching staff. That's something that being with them for 14 years, it's a tremendous advantage for me because I can feel as a play-caller where he knows exactly where he's going. And, then other times where he's torn between two things, you're able to shoot some ideas from the hip that you believe in. And, he understands that he's ultimately accountable for whatever play call comes out of his mouth. So, he doesn't sit there and say, 'Oh, you told, you told me this play would work and it doesn't work.' He understands that he is accountable for it all. So he embraces that. He really engenders an atmosphere where guys feel like they want to put in the work and have an idea of different ways that they can help him call the game."

Mike McDaniel, WR Deebo Samuel

What was your role in the pre-draft process of evaluating Trey and now that you've you have him in the building and you've had him in the building for a while, how does what you saw and what you learned about him pre-draft kind of match up to the player, the person you see on a daily basis now?

"Well, right now we're dealing with multiple Treys. Trey Lance? As far as the pre-draft process, it's been the same for many years, where Kyle, he's collaborative in everything he does because he wants to do the best thing. First, foremost, that's the only thing. So, you go and study as much as you can. Have your opinions and more often than not, we're in complete synergy, because the collection of his coaches, he has extensive relationships with. So, in terms of that, there's not many egos. In our building, there is a chain of command. And within that chain of command, it's understood that everyone is here to support each other because collectively we're all judged at the end of seasons, games, quarters, whatever it is, on our final products. Having Trey in house, it's been exciting because he is who we thought he was in terms of the diligent worker. The guy is very smart and he wants to do well, but he takes coaching. That's something that's undervalued in this day and age, I think, that people don't really give its true gravity. 'Hey, a guy is willing to hear constructive criticism and take that and move forward,' instead of getting their feelings hurt because we're not in the business of feelings. We're in the business of end results. So, I think all of our players and the culture that is kind of instilled here, they kind of understand that we are here to coach you for the better betterment of all of our existences."

We saw a little bit of WR Mohamed Sanu and he looked really, really good. And I don't know if that was just that one day, but Kyle praised him as well. Things kind of went awry for him the last couple of years with injuries. Do you sense that he's a lot healthier now and do you see him looking a lot better than he had recently?

"That's a great observation. Mohamed Sanu is a player that we have history with, not just last year briefly, but in Atlanta for 2016. And, I think Mohamed Sanu serves as a good vision for a lot of the young guys because this dude came back in great shape and with something to prove. You can tell that he doesn't expect anything that to be given to him, and he's trying to earn his spot on this team. So it was very exciting to see him perform. He was doing very well. And, if he comes back to training camp in that same shape, he's going to be a guy that is going to be tough to beat out for that final 53 roster."

I assume you're now out earning some of your Yale classmates. But when you were early on in your coaching career, like kind of a scrub with the Texans or hanging with the Sacramento Mountain Lions, did you get people like, 'Dude, what are you doing with your Yale degree,'?

"Yeah, I hope no one ever thought it was a scrub. Yeah, you got that question a lot. You know, it's funny because it's like, aren't there better things that you could be doing with that education? And what was funny in that whole process was when you're deciding to become a coach and going through it registered to me. I had a summer internship or in business, there was some (investment banking) i-banking stuff that I investigated and I realized for me to ultimately be satisfied in my career, I had to be passionate about it. And unfortunately, there wasn't that much that I was passionate about besides football. For me to be at my best and to be satisfied with my ultimate career, I knew for a fact that I had to follow my passion. So, I didn't go into college thinking that the end game was coaching football, but when I started investigating other avenues, it was an easy decision and something I never looked back on."

To learn more about Coach McDaniel, click the bio below.

WON of Us: Tiffany

Tiffany, a Faithful from birth, loves how many wonderful memories are built around 49ers football.


Faithful Since…

I have been a 49ers fan for my entire life! I was born into it! My Dad was the one who originally had introduced me to the team. He grew up in Vacaville and Fairfield, where everyone was a 49ers fan. When I came into the picture, he naturally raised me as a 49ers fan as well. I actually have a picture somewhere, I must have been two or three years old all dressed up in a 49ers cheer uniform. Proof that I've always been part of the Faithful.

What do you love about WON?

I actually very recently learned about WON through my aunt who has been a member for a while. She introduced me to the club and talks so highly about the events and the other women that you meet and build strong connections with, just being a fan of the 49ers. I'm really proud that the 49ers are bringing their fans together through this club and building a sense of community amongst the fans. I can't wait to experience my first in-person event!

Was there one inspirational moment in team history that confirmed your 49ers fandom?

While I would say that my fan hood spans my entire life if there was an era of 49ers football that I connected with most, it would have to be the 2021 NFC Champion team. They simply had something special that was so easy to bond with while experiencing each play every week throughout the season. In 2012, I was 21, being a young adult really finding my own passion for football. From watching Frank Gore, Joe Staley, the Tony Montana Squad, and my favorite player, Vernon Davis. I've had his jersey for a long time and even had the chance to meet him at a signing event a few years back to have it signed.

Get to know WON member Tiffany.

What 49ers tradition or superstition do you/your family have?

As far as superstitions go, it takes me a really long time to ever get a new jersey because I'm so afraid to buy one that isn't going to bring good luck to the team. Growing up, my dad got me a Kevin Barlow jersey that I wore for years and years until I got my Vernon Davis jersey. I always judge a new jersey based on eh first wear. If the team doesn't play well or win, I won't wear that jersey again. Luckily I recently got a George Kittle jersey that has brought the team some good luck when I have worn it.

As far as traditions, we don't go to every game so for me and my husband, we do our best to organize ways for the family to get together to watch every game. We'll either meet at my dad's house or my father-in-law's so that we can all catch up and connect while watching our 49ers play.

What impact has the 49ers had on your life?

I think 49ers football is an amazing way for people to connect over a common bond. Whether we have been at Candlestick or Levi's® Stadium tailgating to bringing people over to watch the games in our homes, it has always been a great way to connect. Each game, we get to build new memories and bring people together to enjoy something that we all love.

If you know a WON Member that you think should be featured, you can let us know.

Community Connection:


Before the regular season begins, you're invited to join Jerry Rice and the 2021 49ers roster as we celebrate the return to football and the 49ers Foundation's 30th anniversary at Kickoff: Players for a Purpose presented by SAP.

This incredible event will take place on Wednesday, September 1, and is your opportunity to come back home to Levi's® Stadium for an evening of food, drinks, and fun with your favorite 49ers players and alumni.

You can purchase individual tickets here.

For information on VIP reception hosted by Jerry Rice *and *exclusive meet and greets with legendary 49ers alumni, explore package options here or email

Since 1991 the 49ers Foundation has invested over $50 million back into historically underserved communities to support our mission to educate and empower Bay Area youth. All proceeds from the event will help level the playing field for the next generation of Faithful through our direct service programs, 49ers EDU presented by Chevron, and 49ers PREP presented by U.S. Bank, thanks to the backing of 49ers fans like you! Join us so we can continue to TACKLE POSSIBLE together.

All proceeds benefit the 501(c) (3) 49ers Foundation, Tax ID #77-0287514, and Tipping Point Community Tax ID 20-2121739.

Tenured Women of the 49ers Front Office: Carri Kimball


For the 49ers, football is business, so its front office functions as any other corporation would. Many individuals work off the field to ensure that both the team and Levi's® Stadium run like well-oiled machines. Among these, front-office employees are several women whose careers with the team span decades. 

Carri Kimball quickly learned about the National Football League's fast-paced work environment. Just five days after starting as the 49ers receptionist, Carri was operating the phones at team headquarters during the 1984 NFL Draft. Her duty was transferring call after call from 49ers representatives at the draft meeting in New York to scouting staff in the office to inquiries coming from the other 27 teams and back again. Her contribution resulted in the selection of several future 49ers stars including Guy McIntyre, Michael Carter, Todd Shell, John Frank and Jeff Fuller.

Carri's story continues here.

This Month in 49ers History


August 26, 2005

Rookie quarterback Alex Smith led the 49ers on an 80-yard drive in overtime to set up Joe Nedney's 24-yard field goal as San Francisco beat the Tennessee Titans 16-13 in a preseason contest. Running back Kevan Barlow put San Francisco on the scoreboard midway through the first quarter on a 10-yard burst after the 49ers offensive line overpowered the Titans defensive front. Tim Rattay started at quarterback and completed 13 of 25 passes for 131 yards. Rattay led the 49ers on three scoring drives resulting in a pair of Nedney field goals and Barlow's touchdown.

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