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Off the Field: Travis Kelce Joins George Kittle's Hidden Pearls Podcast 🎙

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle and his family host a digital show named the "Hidden Pearls Podcast." The Kittle family, including the tight end's father, Bruce, and his sister, Emma, aim to "unite the world through storytelling and human connection." The podcast topics range from football to philanthropy but at the core of every episode is the subject of mindfulness.

In one of the podcast's most recent episodes, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce joined as a special guest.

In the episode, the group recapped this year's Tight End University summit, highlighted the charity work the tight ends have been up to over the offseason, discussed the importance of family and shared how they've developed professional mindsets throughout their football careers.

Kittle and Kelce's time in the NFL has overlapped for six seasons, and despite playing for opposing teams, the two have bonded throughout that span. On the podcast, they reflected on how they first met and looked back on some of their favorite memories together.

Kittle shared that his treasured moment with Kelce was a time when they embarked on a joint tight end vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kittle brought the crew of 49ers tight ends and Kelce brought his TE teammates from Kansas City. The 49ers-Chiefs mini squad brought the party to the desert and made unforgettable memories by Vegas poolsides.

"That was really fun," Kittle said. "You came in right from your flight to the pool party. That was a very fun eventful day... There was like 12 NFL tight ends just hanging out at a pool party, that was fun."

Kelce pinpointed his favorite memory of Kittle as a fan of watching his tape. The Chiefs tight end shared his excitement for watching Kittle's emergence in the NFL by dominating football games and garnering national attention.

"He was getting on the scene," Kelce said. "Seeing this dude with the ball in his hands and just flying around blocking everybody just being ferocious on film. I was getting excited to just turn on San Fran's film to see what 8-5 was out there doing. It was just fun to see him enjoy it, jump on the scene and just run with it."

To check out the full podcast episode, click here.

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