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Off the Field: Brock Purdy Joins Kelce Brothers on New Heights Podcast 🎧

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy joined the "New Heights" podcast hosted by NFL brothers Jason and Travis Kelce to recount his rookie season. Purdy detailed his first year in the NFL from being drafted as Mr. Irrelevant to his offseason recovery and every defining moment in between.

With the 2023 NFL Draft just a few days away, the 49ers QB reflected on his draft story and what it felt like to be called with the last pick.

"I didn't really care how I got there. I just wanted to get there and have an opportunity," Purdy said. "I have more of a grateful mindset... It's a dream as a kid to see your name on TV getting called in the draft and then go to camp and make a name for yourself. That's all I could ever ask for."

Purdy took the Mr. Irrelevant nickname light heartedly calling the tradition "fun and games" at first, but now says he "wears it with honor."

The Mr. Irrelevant brotherhood stays in close contact. The 259th overall pick from the 2021 NFL Draft, Indianapolis Colts linebacker Grant Stuard, and the final pick from the 2009 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Ryan Succop, have both reached out to Purdy to keep in touch.

Purdy also gave some words of advice to the 2023 Mr. Irrelevant:

On the podcast, Purdy went on to discuss what it was like to step into San Francisco's starting role in Week 13 against the Miami Dolphins and then become the first quarterback to beat a Tom Brady-led team in his first NFL start just a week later.

"You took the NFL by storm dude," Travis Kelce said. "Absolutely just amplified everything. You made the 49ers so fun to watch when you got back there."

The highs and lows were covered as the group also talked about the unfortunate situation when Purdy suffered a torn UCL on San Francisco's opening drive in the NFC Championship Game.

"That was frustrating," Jason Kelce said. "You never want to see a team like that, in that position."

However, the quarterback jokingly told the Kelce brothers that he's spent time this spring practicing throwing left-handed.

"I was telling all the guys, we just got back today for Phase 1 of OTAs... Just throwing the ball lefty around the house and stuff," Purdy said. "I've got to be ready for anything at this point."

Fans can check out the full episode of "New Heights" featuring Brock Purdy here.

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