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What They Said: Coaches and Players Recap #WASvsSF

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on the Offense's Turnovers

"(It's) extremely disappointing. The way our defense was playing versus that offense, you have a very good chance to win as long as you just don't turn the ball over. For us to turn the ball over three times and them get 17 points off of it, too, without our defense even having to go on the field was borderline the backbreaker."

Shanahan on if He Saw More Dropped Passes than Normal from the 49ers Receiving Corps

"We had a bad day with that. It wasn't one person. Seemed like a number of them. That was the frustrating thing today. No matter what happened or what kept going, whether it was a bad call or when there was an open guy. Whether it was a missed throw or when it wasn't. I thought we had a number of more drops than we usually have. Then I thought we struggled with some big penalties, too. So, we were not clean today offensively and regardless, I think we would have found a way to win if we don't turn the ball over. So, there were a number of things today, just from an execution standpoint that I've got to be very hard on this week. You can't expect to win many games when you're like that."

Shanahan on the Usage of the Running Backs vs. Washington

"We've gotten all of our backs back and we've been trying to go with Jeff Wilson Jr. and Raheem Mostert as our one (and) two. That's why Tevin Coleman hasn't gotten in much, either. Raheem and Jeff have kind of earned that and they've been our top guys here, especially with Tevin not fully back. Jerick McKinnon carried the load for us while those guys were all out, which took a toll on him, but he dresses every week because we'll use him if need be. Still on third down he does some things for us and we won't hesitate to put him in there, but we were going with those other guys today."

49ers Quarterback Nick Mullens on Fixing the Offense's Turnovers

"It's just focus on the details, working during the week and just taking care of the football. At some point, it has to be done to give this team a chance to win. If you turn the ball over, you're not going to win football games and that's really what it comes down to."

Mullens on Washington's Defensive Line

"They're a good team. I feel like if we would've protected the football, we would have won the football game. But as far as their guys up front, they're very talented. Obviously, Chase Young's a very good player and you can notice his speed from the start. I threw a screen pass in the first quarter and he ran down from the D-line spot and made the tackle. That's kind of when I noticed. I was like, 'Yeah, he's actually pretty fast.' So yeah, they're good players."

49ers Defensive Tackle Javon Kinlaw on Fellow 49ers First-round Draft Pick Brandon Aiyuk

"He's the man. I don't have to speak too much on that. You already know what's going on. You can see what's going on yourself. He's the man. No doubt."

Kinlaw on Playing with Their Backs Against the Wall and Overcoming Defensive Injuries

"I feel like that should be the mindset every week. We should think that we have our backs against a wall every week. That's how we should play. I feel like as a whole we played very aggressive. Fred Warner went down and Azeez Al-Shaair came in and did his thing. Dre Greenlaw always does what Greenlaw does. There was no drop off."

Kinlaw on the Mindset in the 49ers Locker Room

"The theme is the same every week. Win."

Football Team Head Coach Ron Rivera on How the Washington Offense Performed Against the 49ers Defense

"We had an opportunity to make a couple of things happen and unfortunately we didn't, but you've got to give them credit too. They came out and got after us a couple of times and thank goodness the defense stepped up. I thought one of the really big things was when we were down at the goal line. We got the ball moved out, almost got the first down, but at least it allowed us to punt the ball and put them in a tough position."

Rivera on Washington Quarterback Alex Smith's Injury

"Alex developed some tightness and muscle soreness as he was pushing off that right leg. As we ended the half, they took him in to get X-rays. The X-rays were fine. There was no issue there, but he had the soreness and it was tight. So we decided not to have him go back out there in the second half. We had him there in case of emergency. He stayed on the sideline, stayed loose and tried to loosen it up, but it just stayed tight. He couldn't get it loose."

Football Team Quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. on Going in for Alex Smith

"I really had no idea what was going on. Alex was having some leg trouble and they told me to be ready and then I had time before I was going out there. I was just more so excited than anything and grateful we got the win. I'm just grateful and thankful. I'm proud of how our team fought. I'm proud of how our defense played. I'm proud of how my offense rallied around me and how my coaches rallied around me. It wasn't by any means perfect. There were definitely some throws I wish could have been completed, but it's all good. We get an opportunity to play next week and whether I'm playing or not, I'm just thankful for this opportunity."