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Breaking Down the 49ers Week 12 Win and NFC Standings with Larry Krueger | 1st & 10

Every week, digital media coordinator Briana McDonald and team reporter Lindsey Pallares review the latest 49ers news, including roster moves, coaching hires and NFL power ranking updates on the 49ers "1st & 10" podcast. Episodes include insider perspectives on the latest happenings within the organization and feature interview excerpts from coaches, players and front office staff. Look out for special edition "Move the Chains" episodes of the podcast to learn more about breaking news updates from the team.

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Here's a breakdown of the latest 49ers "1st & 10" podcast episode with Larry Krueger:

  • 1:36 - Discussing the importance of the team's three-day weekend after playing on Thursday night
  • 3:08 - Recapping the 49ers Week 12 win over the Seattle Seahawks
  • 5:07 - Krueger grades the 49ers offensive line's performance as of late, previews their matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles front seven
  • 6:31 - Highlighting DB Deommodore Lenoir's game against the Seahawks
  • 7:36 - Taking a look at division and conference standings 
  • 9:02 - Sharing takeaways from the Week 12 Eagles vs. Buffalo Bills game

View photos of 49ers fans during the team's Week 12 game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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