5 Things We Learned From Brandon Aiyuk on 49ers Unscripted

Each week, senior reporter Keiana Martin will sit down with a different 49ers player for the team's only player-focused podcast, discussing exclusive insights into the locker room, recaps and stories told directly by your favorite 49ers. Brandon Aiyuk joined the 49ers Unscripted podcast presented by Microsoft Surface following his standout performance against the New York Giants that lead him to being named the Pepsi Rookie of the Week. Here are five things we learned from the 49ers first year wide receiver:

Teammate Kendrick Bourne had a surprising reaction to Brandon Aiyuk's "offensive interception."

"Yeah, everybody's been calling it an interception. But I was basically just coming across the field and then the quarterback was rolling out so it kind of turned into a scramble drill. So I just kept on going that way and I didn't see KB. I didn't see anything. I just saw the football. And it's not the way that I planned my first catch being, but I'll take it. I just told him, 'I didn't see you til afterwards.' I was like, 'my bad KB,' and he was like, 'don't tell me my bad, congrats on your first catch.' So that was cool."

September 2020 was a noteworthy month for the wideout. Aiyuk welcomed his son Braylon, made his NFL debut and scored his first touchdown.

"It's been great. It's been just another blessing. The last month was just crazy, to have my first-born son and playing a professional football game. So it has been crazy but it's just like, there's not anything like being a father. The best days become even better when you get to see him and bad days become good when you get to see him."

Deebo Samuel was not only the first person to reach out to Aiyuk after the draft, but took him under his wing once the rookie got out to the Bay Area.

"Right after the draft he called me in April. Then when I came out here, he was picking me up and we'd go out to eat. Now being in locker room being around these guys every day, with Deebo too, I feel like all of our relationships have grown."

Aiyuk built the perfect Philly Cheesesteak using members of the 49ers offense. Here was his response:

Peppers: Running Backs

Caramelized Onions: Offensive Line

NBA Finals Prediction

Lakers in five

"I love LeBron. I'm a huge LeBron fan. Actually, I was tweeting about LeBron and somebody from, I can't remember where it was, but it was before I came here and I quote tweeted somebody who is a reporter from somewhere around here, and he was talking about LeBron. And I didn't know it was a 49ers reporter and quote retweeted and said something. And then, after the draft when I came here, he was like, 'We need to talk about this.' I didn't even know it was a 49ers reporter."

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