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Analyzing Former 49ers Sixth and Seventh Round Draft Picks | 1st & 10

Every week, digital media coordinator Briana McDonald and team reporter Lindsey Pallares review the latest 49ers news, including roster moves, coaching hires and NFL power rankings updates on the 49ers "1st & 10" podcast. Episodes include insider perspectives on the latest happenings within the organization and feature interview excerpts from coaches, players and front office staff. Look out for special edition "Move the Chains" episodes of the podcast to learn more about breaking news updates from the team.

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Here's a breakdown of the latest 49ers "1st & 10" podcast episode:

  • 1:40 – What to expect from draft week
  • 2:17 – Identifying sixth-round 49ers draftees on the current roster and how they've impacted the team
  • 3:50 – Notable 49ers alumni drafted in the sixth round
  • 5:36 – Identifying seventh-round 49ers draftees on the current roster and how they've impacted the team
  • 6:53 – What's the latest update on Brock Purdy's recovery process?
  • 7:50 – NFL Draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah evaluates the 49ers draft strategy and how Purdy has shifted the narrative on seventh-round draft picks

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