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What the 49ers and Vikings Had to Say Following SF's First Road Win

The San Francisco 49ers earned their very first road victory at U.S. Bank Stadium on Saturday night, defeating the Minnesota Vikings 17-7 in preseason Week 2. Here's what both teams had to say following the exhibition game:

Niners Liners

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan on defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw's performance:

"We were real happy for him. We kept most of our– I think all of our starters out. But Javon, we wanted to play him tonight, just because we're traveling on Wednesday and it's gonna be short. So, we thought it'd be safer to get his playing time tonight rather than next week. He did an awesome job and took advantage of it."

Shanahan on Kinlaw's health:

"He's just healthy. He hasn't been healthy since the Dallas game in 2020... He was in great shape last year, but his knee bothered him. So this year, he's even better and he's feeling good and we're trying to keep that up"

Shanahan on defensive lineman Drake Jackson's perfomance:

"I was glad to see Drake. I mean, he's doing some good things. I was glad to see him play out there, play a lot more than he did last week. And from what I hear so far, get through the game healthy."

Shanahan on cornerback Ambry Thomas being inactive in tonight's game:
"He tried to go. He worked out before the game and did everything he could to go, so we appreciate him for that. But he wasn't able to and hopefully he'll be able to go against Houston."

Shanahan on running back Tyrion Davis-Price and Jordan Mason's production in the second half:

"They did a good job. We struggled to get a lot going in the run game consistently, but it was nice to be able to run out the clock a little bit in the second half, and especially that fourth quarter."

Shanahan on the quarterback rotation in tonight's game:

"Brock Purdy has done a good job every time he's gotten his opportunity. I thought Nate Sudfeld did some real good things tonight and last week too. But I like both those guys and we'll see how it finishes up."

Shanahan on offensive lineman Alfredo Gutierrez earning the game ball:

"We were able to run a couple plays and Alfredo went in there, we ran power to him. We ran a bounce play there where we tossed and got outside of him and led on it and got a first down. We gave him the game ball, guys were pumped up. It was (Gutierrez's) first time playing, so we wanted to give him one. It's been great having him around here and he's everyone's best friend on the team and he helps us out throughout the week too… He's always the same. He's laid back, comes in and works his butt off in those practice squad days, then he takes care of us over the weekend. He's always just been a good practice player. It's really tough when those guys come and they gotta practice every week, but they never get in games, but he loves the opportunity. You can tell he feels very grateful for it and just being around the guys and it was cool that he was able to get some actual playing time this week."

Shanahan on Purdy's consistency:

"I mean, we were high on him coming out. I mean, (assistant quarterbacks coach Klay Kubiak) and (quarterbacks coach Brian Griese) put in a lot of time into him. They really liked him coming out, we liked his tape. He's been real consistent in practice. I mean, the way you guys have seen him in games, it's been consistent and that's why he's got a chance to make our team."

Shanahan on wide receiver Malik Turner's performance on special teams and in the offense:

"(Special teams coordinator Brian Schneider) had some experience with him. We've had some guys know him from other teams who have gone against him and we've always known he's a good football player. He's been exactly what we hoped for since he's gotten here. He's done a hell of a job on special teams and he's done a great job at wideout when he's gone in."

Gutiérrez on his improvement since entering the NFL:

"I've gotten a lot better. Thanks to everybody, my teammates to be honest, especially (offensive line/run game coordinator Chris Foerster). He's been on my butt. I think I'm a different player. I still have a lot to learn and to improve on, but I think I'm a different player."

Gutiérrez on if he was nervous playing in his first NFL game:

"Yeah, it was a lot… first time in an NFL stadium. That was awesome. That was a really good feeling."

49ers cornerback Samuel Womack III on his confidence in the preseason so far:

"I'm most definitely feeling good. The vets for sure have been helping me and I've just been keeping my confidence that I had from the first game to this game and for the next game also. The vets have been helping me by putting in extra time, explaining to me what to do in coverages and just helping me out. So that's for sure been a positive. And all the coaches have been helping me more and that's been helping my confidence more and more. When they're helping me, I can see stuff that's coming."

Jackson on his deflected pass:

"I should have caught a pick… But it's alright."

Vikings Quotes

Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell on Minnesota's performance for their first home game:

"I was hoping to obviously have a chance to score a few more points in the second half and really piggyback on what I thought was a really strong defensive performance in the first half. A lot of guys flashed as far as helping us try to stay in the game where we're just trying to find a rhythm offensively that we really never found outside of that one drive towards the end of the second quarter. We were just waiting on that one play. Who's going to make that one play to get us going… We felt like we had a good plan going into it, but ultimately, just execution was not enough offensively. Our defense just wore down. Three turnovers, short fields, different things that right when we could kind of stand up and get some momentum going, it just didn't happen for us tonight."

Vikings quarterback Kellen Mond on his pass that was intercepted:

"I mean, we had a play called, a quick fade to one of our young receivers and he ended up inside releasing. I ended up putting it up and gave the safety an easy pick, so obviously that was a really bad mistake on my part."

Vikings wide receiver Ihmir Smith-Marsette on his fumble in tonight's game:

"I was never allowed to do it (return punts) in college. You know they give me a shot out here and I've got to get it done. I've got to be better."

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