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Off the Field: Brock Purdy Takes Part in Offseason Training with Caleb Williams 🏈

For 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, this offseason holds particular significance – a time to focus solely on his growth and improvement in San Francisco's offense.

At this point last year, Purdy was recovering from elbow surgery and working to get back in shape before the start of the season. It was a period marked by uncertainty and adversity as he fought his way back to peak physical condition. Now, for the first time, the quarterback gets to train for the upcoming year with a full season of work under his belt.

Purdy's offseason training has included a trip to Jacksonville, Florida, where he's participated in rigorous quarterback-specific workouts with top 2024 NFL Draft prospect Caleb Williams. Just before the draft, the Purdy and Williams took part in drills and performance sessions with Tom Gormely, a physical therapist who helps quarterbacks develop their throwing strategy by optimizing biomechanical efficiency.

"Going into the NFL, there's things that I need to work on," Williams said. "I wanted to go to the best people, the best guys. So with something cool like this, seeing the biomechanics and things that you may not be able to see on TV."

In Jacksonville, the quarterbacks throw passes in front of 3D motion capture equipment in order to break down their mechanics using high speed cameras and avatars. Gormely and the training staff then create rehab and skill development plans tailored to each quarterback's individual data.

"It's the mobility," Purdy said. "It's getting my shoulder to open up more so that my elbow can come through and I can be a more efficient thrower. Not just coming in to throw, but actually work on your mechanics."

While training with Williams, Purdy shared what his offseason workout regimen has been like.

"I've taken a break (from throwing) since the Super Bowl, a good five weeks or so. I've been training but not necessarily throwing. As you throw more and more, your shoulder capsule opens up, your layback comes back and that allows you to whip the ball more. But as I throw throughout the offseason, and focus on my hips coming through first, that will just continue to open up more and more."

Williams, one of the top quarterback prospects, trained right alongside Purdy and took away key learning points ahead of the NFL Draft.

"I think the biggest thing that I'll take from this is finding keys on when I miss a pass, finding my rhythm throughout camp. Everybody drops differently, everybody throws differently, everybody moves differently. Finding your rhythm within your place is going to be really important."

Check out ESPN's full feature on Purdy and Williams' QB biomechanics training below:

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