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11 Locker Room Observations: Sept. 9

The San Francisco 49ers opened their Levi's® Stadium locker room doors on Tuesday morning. Here's what we came away with...


  1. Running back LaMichael James, who went unclaimed on waivers according to an ESPN report, still had his belongings in his locker stall. Rookie Bruce Ellington was listed as James' replacement at punt and kick returner on the team's unofficial Week 2 depth chart. Cornerback Perrish Cox (punts) and rookie running back Pierre Garçon (kickoffs) were listed behind Ellington.
  1. Wide receiver/special teamer Kassim Osgood, who took James' spot on the roster on Monday, never cleaned his stall out after being released on Saturday. He was welcomed back to the team by tight end Garrett Celek, who called Osgood "Oscorp," referencing the Spider-Man antagonist.
  1. Osgood told a group of reporters later that it has been his goal to play 15 NFL seasons. He's pressing the reset button on his 12th this week.

4. All 63 players now have their names carved into the top of their walnut-wood lockers. This includes relatively new practice squad players Chance Casey, Kendall Gaskins and John Fullington. (Also in many of the players' lockers: A note asking if they had any old clothes they'd like to donate. Casey, Gaskins and Fullington likely have gear from their former NFL teams to give away.)

  1. Craig Dahl said he's looking into his options for a new mini-basketball hoop for the locker room. The one that used to hang in the team's practice facility locker room, as you might remember, was broken on a Quinton Patton dunk. Dahl's decision is coming soon.
  1. Rookie center Marcus Martin was prominently displaying a USC T-shirt on the back of his locker stall chair. His Trojans, of course, bested Stanford over the weekend, and Martin's locker sits near Cardinal alums/practice squad linebackers Chase Thomas and Shayne Skov.
  1. We saw that while wideout Anquan Boldin's shoulder pads are no longer a Raven-colored purple (as they were in 2013), they are still clearly the smallest among his position group 'mates.
  1. It was nice to see some of the team's injured players, particularly inside linebacker NaVorro Bowman and nose tackle Glenn Dorsey, chatting with teammates on their way to their meeting rooms.
  1. Being late for meetings is a no-no. When outside linebacker Dan Skuta and safety Eric Reid realized they were close to being late for special teams meetings, both players ended their interview sessions and trotted out of the locker room to make their appointment on time.
    1. Skuta wasn't sure if the 49ers had recovered his forced fumble against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, but the overwhelming reaction from the pro-visiting team crowd helped confirm his initial feeling. When asked if he knew the ball was out of DeMarco Murray's hands, Skuta replied, "I knew right away. I was ripping at that thing."

  2. Reid admitted that he, like rookie cornerback Dontae Johnson on Sunday, was nervous before his NFL debut. The second-year pro was proud of the way his rookie teammate filled in at Dallas.

Tyler Emerick (2-3), **Taylor Price (4-5, 9-10), and Andrew Pentis (7-8, 11). *



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