2022-2024 Social Justice Grant


2022-2024 Social Justice Grant

The San Francisco 49ers have committed $5 million in grants over the next 10 years to local and national social justice organizations working to create societal change in the Bay Area. This grant initiative extends the $1 million awarded by the team to 10 social justice organizations in September 2020 that resulted in measurable positive change for individuals in the Bay Area and throughout California.

The impact from the 2020-2022 grant saw 49ers-backed social justice organizations shepherd four criminal justice reform bills signed into law in California, free or exonerate five people, and reduce the statewide inmate total by 22,000 to the lowest number in three decades. The grants from the 49ers have also provided mentoring and leadership development sessions to high school students, meals to over 3,200 families experiencing food insecurity, job training, and financial empowerment sessions, and expanded staff and services for multiple grantees.

We invite national and local Bay Area nonprofit organizations who are making change to improve racial equity, with a focus on the Black community, in these three key areas to apply for grant funding: (1) improving community-police relations, (2) criminal justice reform, and (3) education and economic advancement. Check back in February 2024 to apply for the 2024-2026 grant cycle.

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