Nancy Tufts Klein

Touchdown #4 of the 2017 Season & #48 in Levi's® Stadium History


Week 3 vs. Los Angeles Rams - Trent Taylor 3-yard touchdown reception

Some people adopt their NFL fandom, while others are born into it. That was the case for Nancy Tufts Klein. A San Francisco native, Nancy's parents owned season tickets from 1952 at Kezar Stadium through the 49ers years at Candlestick Park. The family remained season ticket holders when the doors opened at Levi's® Stadium in 2014. The 49ers remain apart of the family's culture, as Nancy shares her love of the team with her five grandchildren.

Her earliest memories included attending the team's final game at Kezar Stadium and attending the 49ers 1971 playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys with her father.

Nancy's eldest daughter Kelsey nominated her for a Faithful Football because of her loyalty and love for the red and gold. Nancy continues to pass along her love for 49ers football to all of her children and grandchildren.